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A moon fills the majority of our viewing window. Just penetrating into it are rooftops – the vanguard to the cityscape below. Illuminated by the glow of the moon, a cat like figure suddenly appears.

It was in mid leap.

Tracking it, we watch as it touches down upon one of the buildings. Without pause, it continues on. It had the make of a panther. On the prowl obviously, but not so obvious is whether it was the hunter or the hunted.

We watch as it leaps again.

Tucking its body into a roll, the cat changes shape before our eyes or rather ‘transforms’. No longer a beast, it was now a robot.

All the while the leap continued uninterrupted. However it seemed that no rooftop was its present target.

Zooming out away from the robot, more of the scenery is unveiled. Running on the street below this robot was another. Clarification had come. The panther robot was not leaping, it was pouncing. The hunter meets the hunted as their bodies slam together.

The panther robot stands. The other robot does not.

Body stiffening, the panther robot disappears, vanishes. It did not run or jump out of our viewing window. It was just ‘gone’.

In less time then it takes to blink, a group of robots appear and appeared to be out of breath. Pistols were drawn. Service pistols. They were law enforcement officers.

Exchanging glances, they all seemed perplexed at the sight before them, that being the cold cocked robot. One checks for vitals and finds them present. The others fan out to check the area in greater detail.

Crouching on a ledge above and only for a moment we see the outline of the panther robot.



However, light does soon appear in the form of a lit cigarette. It’s not much of a source, but the glow does reveal the smoker. It was the panther robot from before.

He pauses suddenly.

We hear him sniff the air.

He then speaks, “Icerunner.”

The lights to the room itself turn on. Standing by the wall switch, several feet away, was a female looking robot. In sharp contrast to the panther robot’s predominately black frame, hers was predominately silver. They were both cats, only she was a snow leopard. His optics were blue. Hers burned of copper. His face was stiff. Hers had a wide smile on it.

“Hey, Jungle."

She moves to embrace him. He allows it.

Their surroundings were not much. The room was old and showed its age. Only a few pieces of work out equipment were about. An old tapped up heavy bag and such.

Things however did take on a dramatic tone as she proceeds to slap him across the face. He didn’t move to strike back nor did he move at all. There he stood.

“That’s for not replying to my last letter.” Her motive revealed.

“I did reply,” he responded, tone remaining flat. “Just haven’t mailed it.”

A smile returns to her face.

We focus in on the flame of a blowtorch.

Icerunner was doing some patch work on Jungle’s frame. There was no major damage to him, but he had his fair share of scratches, cuts and dents. She was now working on a cut in his head.

He winces upon some stray sparks touching his optic.

His optics narrowed.

She responded to that which wasn’t spoken by shooting him a look which could be read, ‘stop moving’.

His optics met hers.

<i>Gun shots ring out in every direction. Robots, obviously non-combatants, are cut down like ducks in a barrel. The trouble seems to be being caused by two groups who have taken up positions on opposite sides of the tavern. The civilians are merely caught in the middle – wrong place, wrong time.

Thick – intentional – smoke fills the room, adding to the confusion.

We zero in on a young female with coppery eyes - Icerunner. Her superstructure was different, but there was just no mistaking those eyes.

Fear had frozen her.

In the last possible second, a table rolls in front of her, blocking the barrage of bullets.

A figure with black and white colorations appears beside her – it was Jungle.

Many things, but above all startled, her first reaction is to slide herself away from him and thereby the protection provided by table.

But, he grabs onto her, preventing that certainly suicidal action.</i>


Ice finishes up.

“There, all done. Now you look presentable.” She sounded as if Jungle had someplace to be.

He picks up on that as well. To that end, he tilts his head to the side slightly.

She begins to clarify. “It was in,” but Ice paused before she finished her sentence. “JJ, you never even read the letter did you?” She lashed out with as she punched him in the arm.

The impact wasn’t hard enough to cause him pain, but that doesn’t stop Jungle from rubbing the point of the impact and looking as if he was in pain.

There was a playful undertone to all this. That had been constant throughout.

Her optics met his.

<i>”You can’t go back. The life you had before is over.”

Ice stood in disbelief having heard what she had just heard. Apparently the incident at the bar was no random act. It was an exchange between two intelligence groups gone bad. Having witnessed such an act, standard procedure dictated that she be taken offline - full scale cover up.

“Wha... what am I to do then?” Ice stuttered out. If the agent before her had intended on killing her, he’d of done it at the bar. He spared her. She was a creature of logic and thus logic dictated he didn’t spare her just to kill her.

Jungle placed his back to her – her ‘pureness’ her ‘innocence’ was becoming a bit much too bare. He then sighed, not believing himself what he was about to do.

“Come with me,” the panther robot commanded.

“Huh... what? Why?”

“Would you rather I shot you?” Jungle stated as he started to walk away.

“... no. NO!” Ice blurted as she hurried to catch up.</i>

Various makes and models of robots stand in a line that stretches just out of our viewing window. They seemed to all be waiting to get into a building. From the look of it, there is nothing special about it. But the faint music originating from within is an indication that there is more then meets the eye.

Pulling back, we find a pair to be examining the very same scene, from the very same vantage point as us – Jungle and Ice.

“This place, ten years ago tonight,” Ice spoke up with.

Jungle gave a nod in reply.

Her attention was now on him.

His attention was on the scene below.

“You do know that you never answered my question, don’t you?” She spoke up with.

Jungle turns his head just enough to be able to now see her.

She prodded. “From that night. I asked you, ‘why’?”

He recalled. “Would you have preferred I shot you?”

Obviously not the answer Ice had wanted. “You can’t answer questions with questions,” she shot back with.

Not wanting to go there, he looked away from her.

Ice opened her mouth to say something further. But at the last moment, she decided against it. Instead she turned away from him. Then walked away from him.

By the time Jungle looks, she is already gone. His face was unreadable but a storm of emotion could be found in his optics.

Having returned to panther form, Jungle pauses in his steps upon touching down onto a rooftop. The sun was beginning to show itself.

Crouching, he glared over one shoulder and then the other. There was something in the air.

Converting to robot form, a pair of knives slid into his hands. In addition, chain guns emerge from an upper chest compartment.

Taking the final step between him and the edge, he vanishes.

A moment later a pair comes into view. Peering down over the ledge, the find nothing. Distraught, they exchange glances.

But then, they hear a low growl.

Turning, they find the origin: Jungle.

Unfortunately for Jungle, he is forced to shift his attention from the pair upon sensing the presence of another. Another, who emerges from the shadows behind.

With a quick toss of a knife, Jungle connects the blade to the new comer’s wrist. The gun being held drops.

The other two however take the opportunity that distraction presented to lunge.

Jungle is brought down and the three on one beating commences.

His chest was to the ground making his chain guns useless. All he can do is crawl little by little, little by little. Moment by moment, moment by moment.

Eventually, the bigger one of the group manages to get Jungle into a head lock. As the bigger one clamps down, Jungle gasps for air.

“Where is she?” The bigger one asks.

It is a struggle for the panther robot to breathe at this point, much less talk.

“Behind you,” Jungle at last manages.

They all turn.

Could they have been that careless? They collectively wonder.

The bigger one cries out as Jungle bites down into his arm.

Free of the hold, Jungle lands a punch in his face.

Jungle then fires off a burst from his chest chain guns.

They fall.

They won’t be getting up anytime soon.

None of them were.

They had fallen victim to one of the old tricks in the book.

Ice sighed.

Things hadn’t gone the way she had hoped or perhaps expected.

She was back at Jungle’s. It was silent, almost too silent. Course there wasn’t much in this barebones structure to make noise.

Old memories overtake her.

<i>Jungle stood behind Icerunner as she punched away at the heavy bag, which had far less tape around it when compared to our previous glances at it. As she does so, he critiques her, adjusting her stance as well as the way she moves.</i>

Presently, with technique greatly improved, we watch as Ice punches away at the heavy bag.

She ceases upon hearing something.

She turns in time to see Jungle stagger in.

She immediately moves to help him.

She had so many questions that not one could find its way out.

She attempts to guide him over to a chair, but he stiffens his body enough to not allow that.

She in turn gave him a quizzical look. After all, he was banged up and needed repairs.

“We need to go,” he commanded.

The rain had begun to fall. The day that had emerged was a dreary one. Smoke from a fire could be seen rising from the distance.

Jungle and Ice watched the pillar rise from a park bench. He took a puff from his cigarette as he watched.

“Going to miss that place,” he mumbled under his breath.

“We better get moving again,” stated Ice. Her body was stiff, ready. That was in contrast to Jungle’s which was loose, relaxed.

Jungle shrugged. “We’re good.”

“Good?” She asked.


“How do you figure?”

“They’ll be searching nooks and crannies. Not places like this.”

She took in what he had just said. Made sense she guessed. “Then I guess we have the time for you to tell me all about what you have gotten yourself into now.”

He said nothing. He just looked at her.

“JJ,” she spoke up with. Not a statement or a question, rather a prod.

“They didn’t want me. They wanted you.”

“Me?” That had to be a first, she thought.

He nodded.


We catch glimpses of Ice moving in and out of our viewing window. She is hurrying about gathering things.

Pulling back it is revealed that we are watching her courtesy of her apartment window.

Night had returned.

We are not alone.

Courtesy of field binoculars, another watches from a parallel building. It’s not Jungle or anyone we’ve seen previous.

We are with Icerunner in the apartment now. She picks up her bag and goes for the door. It is then the lights go out.

The window behind her smashes.

A pair emerge.

Instincts kicking in, she throws herself to the ground.

Instincts prove correct as a pair of darts fly over her.

Gas from a grenade fills the room.

She coughs as she makes her way to the door.

She’s nearly there when grabbed from behind, caught in a bear hug and lifted off the ground.

A kick to the groan on her part is however enough to break the hold.

But a follow up dart barrage from the other is however enough to down her.

We focus on a bottle.

A robotic hand reaches for it and pours its contents into a glass.

The robot takes a drink.

He looks up at his companion who is making his way toward the room’s exit.

“Where do you think you’re going?” It was spoken more as a statement then a question.

“It’s time,” is the reply from the other.

They seemed to be in what could be best described as an old warehouse, at least going by what can be made out of their surroundings.

“Haven’t you been watching?” The one holding the glass asks, while pointing to the nearby monitor. “The proceedings have been delayed for a few hours. Something to do with some problem the faction leaders had with the seating arrangements.”

“Let’s just get it over with,” the other lashes out with. He was more then impatient, he was nervous.

“Cain said to wait till after. So we wait till after,” commanded the one holding the glass.

“The Dark Warrior-”

The statement isn’t allowed to be finished.

“What about him?”

“The way he took down the other team…”

“Look. If we don’t do this right, the way Cain said to do it, he’ll have us disassembled piece by piece. So I ask you, who are you more afraid of, Cain or some urban legend?” His voice was grizzled and rough.

His companion puts his gun on the table and sits down. The unspoken answer.

We move through the doorway and with hands tied behind her, we find Ice to be seated in a chair. We continue to move toward her. We seemed to be in the main section of the warehouse.

Across from her stands another. Like everyone we’ve seen thus far, he was a robot. He had a gun in hand. His stare is rather discomforting.

<i>Ice is still seated in a chair, only her environment is different. It was Jungle’s place. Jungle is leaned against a wall at the edge of our viewing window.

“How much longer?” Ice asks, sounding frustrated.

“Three hours,” the response.

“You’ve been saying three hours for the past four.”

“Every time you move, the clock restarts.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Same could be said about your lack of patience.”</i>

Standing behind her now, the other places a hand on Ice’s shoulder.

“Seeing as how you’re about to die, I thought you could use some comfort in your final moments.”

Walking in front of her, he leans in to kiss her.

But is startled to find his own gun now pointed at him.

Ice had freed her hands. Blinded by lust he hadn’t noticed that nor her make for the grab. Her patience had paid off.

They are interrupted however when the other two we saw previously make a sudden appearance, when they are thrown through the doorway.

Both were unconscious.

In steps the source - Jungle.

Ice strikes the one remaining across the head with the barrel of the gun.

That is enough to make him join his companions on the ground.

“You okay?” Jungle asks her. Concern underlined his tone.

“I’m okay,” she responded. “What did you overhear?” She asked.

Jungle’s tone returned to normal. “You’re being set up to take the blame for the release of a bio agent at the peace conference.”

Ice is not quite sure what to say in response to all that.

We focus on the before mentioned monitor in the other room.

It now fills our entire viewing window. A bar across the bottom of the screen reads, ‘Supreme Commander Cain’s Address is in Progress’.

We move into and through the monitor.

The crowd consisting of robots of various makes and models claps. A few offer shouts of enthusiasm. On a raised podium before them was Cain. There was a way about him in this public setting. Clearly he was very charismatic. Like both Jungle and Icerunner, he was both beast and robot. He shared Jungle’s dark colorings but was more slender. He also wasn’t a cat, he was a raven.

After the applause dies down, Cain continues on. “These peace negotiations offer a new beginning for us all. At last the factional strife that has long divided us since our ancient ancestors took up arms against each other in The Great War has a chance to finally end.”

Pulling back, we take further note of this spectacle’s surroundings. It was taking place inside of an enclosed dome. Seated behind Cain were no doubt the delegates from the ‘factions’ Cain made note of. Hanging above them were flags which no doubt represented those factions. Further above them was a stained glass window.

We focus in on that.

Moving ‘through’ it we find a lovely young lady to be present who appeared to be rather bored. Having the secondary form of a beaver, she is one of those feminine types who immediately catches one’s eye the moment they are graced with her presence. Examine her well defined curves and ‘other’ such features and there will be no doubt in your mind as to why the above is true.

She holds her palm over her mouth as she yawns – how lady like.

But then a smile forms upon her face.

“Dark Warrior,” she stated, voice barely above that of a whisper.

Over her shoulder, we see Jungle appear into view.

Floating in the air, barely an inch from her head was a blade – it was one of Jungle’s to be exact.

A wide smile formed upon her face as she turned to face Jungle.

Jungle however just stood there. He appeared to be struggling to move. Jadestone's 'gift' was to blame for that and everything else thus far in this room.

She touched the tip of the blade, which still hung there in the air, with the tip of her finger.

She licked the fluid dripping from the cut she received.

“Jadestone,” Jungle spoke up with. His tone was hard, was cold. “You’ll sell yourself to anyone, won’t you?”

Brushing the knife away with her hand, she floated over to him. Jungle was a good head taller then her, but she made herself be at his eye level.

“In the market?” She playfully asked.

She rubbed her index finger down his nose and then down his chest, stopping just short of his crouch region. She lowered herself as she did. A wicked look formed on her face as she looked up at him.

Jungle now found himself struggling to breathe.

We find Ice to be moving through a maze of beams. Cain’s voice could be heard coming from above her. He was introducing another speaker, a leader of another faction. She was obviously below the stage.

She pauses suddenly.

She now eyed some silver canisters.

Her optics showed her mind to be elsewhere.

<i>Cain hands Ice a drink.

“Capturing a sample of the bio agent was the easy part,” Cain tells her. “The hard part will be analyzing exactly what we’re dealing with. That’s where you come in.”</i>

Ice focuses on the canisters for a moment more.

Jade licks her lips.

“Touch me, you know you want to…” Jade whispers into Jungle’s ear.

Unable to help himself, thanks to her abilities, his hands reach for her chest.

They clamp down upon them.

Jade cries out from pleasure.

In that moment there was a lapse in her concentration.

In that moment, Jungle’s chest chain guns extend and he fires off a burst.

A point blank range burst, combined with the fact that Jade was hovering in the air, sends her through the stained glass window.

Shards of glass spray onto the crowd below.

Jade however catches herself.

She floats there, above the chaos.

She clutches her chest with one hand and with the other, she raises it.

Jungle is pulled from the room.

There they were, both suspended in the air, only Jungle was suspended upside down.

She lowers herself so that their mouths were at the same level.

She kisses him with tongue and all.

And there was nothing he could do. When Jade was focused, her 'gift' was impossible to overcome.

Pulling herself away, she waves ‘bye, bye’.

Then she lets him fall.

A good twenty feet into the podium.

Bodyguards were shielding the delegates. Security forces had weapons trained on both Jungle and Jadestone. The masses were fighting amongst themselves to get to the exits.

“Your best was never good enough Jungle,” Jade lashes out with as she closes her eyes in deep concentration.

A cloud of gas emerges from under the stage.

Everybody coughs.

The gas however soon dissipates.

Quizzically, everyone looks about.

Jungle was still where he had fallen. He hadn’t moved. Jade was however no where to be seen and neither was Cain.

Cain’s absence seems to be a point of concern. That is until Ice emerges from under the stage.

Immediately weapons are trained on her and she is told to put her hands in the air.

She complies.

We find ourselves in an office.

Hardly run of the mill by the fact that it was bigger then some houses. Also the seal of the government was etched into the floor. Seated behind the desk but looking out the window which went from wall to wall and floor to ceiling was a robot with raven wings caped around him.

It is Cain.

Jungle’s reflection is in the window.

“Fascinating story. But that’s all it is. Where’s your proof?” Cain asks. “Your hard proof?” Cain continues with. “Do you really think the public would believe that I was the mastermind behind the attempt to assassinate the factional leadership? You don’t have a leg to stand on. That’s because you simply don’t exist. You’re ‘the Dark Warrior,’ an urban legend.”

Jungle’s reflection is gone.

Cain notices that the same moment we do. He had gained satisfaction.

Flames reflect in Ice’s optics. Pulling back we find her and Jungle to be standing over a fire in a metal trashcan. They were under a bridge. Night had fallen once more.

“What Cain told you is right. We have no hard proof.” Icerunner spoke up with.

For a moment there is silence.

Ice breaks it. “He plans to give me an accommodation tomorrow at a live press conference. His claim is that I was a part of a taskforce to track down and stop the bio agent from being unleashed.”

He could tell that ‘it’, all of ‘it’ bothered her. He detected that in her tone. “You neutralized it. That’s what matters.”


“What?” Jungle asked. No, there was more to it.

“It’s just, well, this. All this. It was all one big setup from the day Cain approached me. And to think, all I was trying to do… you know, I don’t even know.”

“You were trying to do what was right.” He stated.

She thought about his comment for a moment. “And look what happened.”

“Beyond your control. In the end I think you’re still better off for what you are.”

“And what am I?” She asked.

“A good person, Ice. You’re a good person, Icerunner.” He paused. “That’s ‘why’.”

“What?” She asked.

“The answer to your question. That’s ‘why’. That’s why for the first time I simply did what was right, not what duty dictated.” His eyes met hers. “You were, you are, in you is my salvation.”

Smile present, Ice embraces Jungle.

He embraces her back.

It was cold. The wind howled as though the planet itself was in protest to it. The sun was departed and many hours still remained till the start of its next shift.

We find Jungle to be leaned against a tree. With arms crossed and face rigid, he appeared to be lost in some kind of meditation.

Blue optics glowing to life, in the blink of an eye he is gone.

An object splatters against the tree, striking the spot formerly occupied by his head. Closer inspection reveals it to in fact be a paint ball. Turning toward its direction of origin, we find Icerunner to be present.

The snow leopard robot mumbled a curse under her breath. She was sure she had him that time.

Hearing the sound of a branch cracking behind her, she turns, only to be shot from the other direction.

The red paint ball stain now present on her back did not go well with her silver and green colorings.

She just shook her head, as Jungle approached from his firing position behind her.

But then, a sudden smile forms upon her face.

Dropping to her back, Ice tucks her body into a roll, squeezing off her weapon’s trigger in the process.

Back to feet, she can’t help but smirk at the paint stain now upon his torso. That and the way his jaw hung.

Regaining himself, Jungle returns fire.

Ice follows suit.


<b>Written By</b>: The Dark Warrior.


<b>Jungle</b>, created by The Dark Warrior.
<b>Icerunner</b>, created by Ice Lady.

<b>Also Starring:</b>

<b>Cain</b>, created by The Dark One.
<b>Jadestone</b>, created by The Dark Warrior.

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