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 Post subject: AUG Fortress 2
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:03 am 

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The Rock was a dismal, bizarre little planetoid floating in the far back of nowhere. Many different climates and conditions all coexisted on the Rock that was seemingly too small to support them, leading some to theorize that the Rock was, in fact, artificially created. There was a force at work here- a wormhole that would dump lost ships into the Rock's orbit, bring them crashing down onto its surface, where the hapless survivors would be preyed upon by any number of entities prowling the Rock- both feral and intelligent.

In orbit around this purgatory was a graveyard of destroyed ships drifting in the void. Occasionally the great wormhole that ever attracted more targets would belch out a bit of debris that would be drawn to the ring around the planet, floating idly. This ring of derelict ships was thickest above the Rock's eastern hemisphere- here, there was a big warship that had had a massive chunk of its bridge blown into bits. A shining metal cap stood in the center of this bridge. There were other ships and large chunks of assorted metal detritus, along with natural floating asteroids and clouds of space dust, surrounding it. Many of the ships and debris had collided together, forming a sort of rough cobbled landscape in areas. And, at the moment, a large shuttle emblazoned with a blue logo was coming to a halt beside the far end of this ship graveyard. It fired off a series of little round blinking devices in a precise pattern; they steadied themselves at various points above the ship graveyard and silently started to shimmer, bringing an invisible barrier around the entire mass. At the far end of the graveyard, a big red carrier had emerged from the wormhole, and was erecting a gravitational/atmospheric stabilizer field as well.


Inside the ship's cargo hold, a no-nonsense voice blared over the loudspeakers that they had five minutes before the airlock doors would open, as a crew of individual bots raced to ready themselves. Standing in front of the rest, Prism stood before a holographic blackboard and marked out a point 'C', and then a point 'A' and 'B' around it.

"Listen very carefully!" he told the assorted 'bots. "We didn't map out this sector and go to the trouble of navigating a safe trip through the wormhole just to lose out on our chance to salvage this scrap. I may be more than enough mech to handle this lot by myself, but that doesn't mean I'm carrying you all. Understood? Now look here- A is this freighter in the southwest quadrant of the field. B is an orbital laser platform long since deactivated, something of a low-grav hop, skip, and jump over the meteorites to get to it. If we can stand your useless metal bodies on these caps long enough, we can take control of these ships and that will deactivate the reds' force field protecting the warship! Therein lies the sweetest salvage. Any questions?"

"I'm not a big fan of floating off into space while freezing into stasis. Can you carry us through that, Major Muscle?" Threatener spoke up- he was sitting in the back wielding a sniper rifle and peering through its scope briefly to check its sights.

"That's what the devices are for- to give us enough gravity and atmosphere to be able to move through the field. Most of the intact hulls are large enough to run on, and then it's a simple matter of jumping to the next chunk of rubble whenever there's a gap. And bullets won't drop or float away, so even you ought to be able to actually nail a headshot or two." Prism sneered at his cousin.

"What about, you know, the other team?! Won't they want to kill us very much?" Filch asked nervously. He had his shell painted sterile-white, and a nanite-beam medigun strapped to his back, yet still looked more tense than anyone else despite being the dedicated healer.

"Pfftt, I know the other team. They're a bunch of babies!" Pestilence laughed. The small moth femmebot was hefting up an enormous minigun, spinning its barrels idly.

"That's the point of this ship- we use 'respawn' technology here. Simply put, if you die- and you probably will- your spark will be recovered, whisked back to this ship, and a replacement body built for you in thirty seconds or less." Prism said, completely deadpan. "...I realize that sounds implausible, but quite frankly, this entire mission is implausible. Long story short, we had damn well better take these control points!"

He picked up a rocket launcher that was on the wall and stood to wait in front of the airlock doors. Calamari was running back and forth rapidly, swinging a baseball bat from side to side. Even when attempting to stand still, she continued to hop from foot to foot.

"What's the matter with you?" Buckshot asked her, as he took a deep swig from his flask of booze before continuing to load up on grenades.

"I, like, drank about, like, six or seven or ten cans of energy drink before the round! Feeling really hyper! We're totally gonna take those points! I'm super excited about this! They're so screwed, just wait and see, we're gonna wax them into scrap parts!" Calamari babbled, running around in a circle and wall-jumping and swinging her bat.

"Do we have an engineer? We seem to be missing a full nine." Buckshot said, looking around. He seemed to be mildly drunk, which put the others slightly on guard of having him run nearby them shooting explosives.

"We'll call the others in if we need them." Prism said shortly. "I don't trust Axel as far as I can throw him- which is quite far- and engineers aren't much good on offense."

"I dunno, maybe I can just stay here and overheal the reserves-" Filch stammered.


"You're with me, Filch! We need a medic on the front lines! Buckshot, Pestilence, you'll come with us- where's our pyro? Where the hell is Impact?"

"Right here, boss! LET'S TORCH 'EM! BANG BANG!" a dented-up but cute Vehicon femme shouted as she ran up, toting a nasty-looking flamethrower.


"This is a bad idea! This is a really bad idea!" Filch shouted above the din of the airlock doors beginning to open onto the floating field of spaceship debris.


"Femmebots and mechs, I want that warship!" Prism shouted.

"Let's do it!" Buckshot slurred.


The airlock doors slid fully open and the blue team charged out onto the battlefield to meet their opponents.

(So yeah, this is a parody/tribute thread based on Team Fortress 2. Thanks to Tarantulas for the ship graveyard idea- you've got first dibs if you want to play my opponent. If not, I'll play with anyone who's familiar with the game and has characters to fill in.)

 Post subject: Re: AUG Fortress 2
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:49 am 

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(You can count me in, but don't let me be the only one. I'd be curious to see other people's takes.)

 Post subject: Re: AUG Fortress 2
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:00 am 

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(never got around to playing the Orange Box set yet... Team Fortress is the same concept of Unreal Tournament, right? sort of like capture the flag mode with a little bit of Rampart mixed in? EDIT: just read the wiki, so I got an idea of the character classes now)

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