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 Post subject: Transformers: Human Error
PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:08 am 

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There is no way for human beings to remove the human element from Transformers when we write them. We attach qualities that we believe are universal to sentient lifeforms. Who is more flawed? The human or the machine with human qualities...

Pterascream and I will present you with an ongoing story called Human Error. The first part of the story will appear to be vague and at the end of our story. Shortly thereafter, we will start from the beginning. This is a story we have been throwing around eachother for quite a while, but we were unsure about sharing it.

We will provide a seperate thread called Human Error: The Cast when we start from the beginning. The thread will provide you with character sheets for the protagonists and antagonists of the story. Each protagonist was a character that we once played that was human, was once human, or was created by humans.

There is quite a bit of material that we left out of our plans at this time, so we can expand the story and go far with the story before we reach The End?. If you wish to add to this story with human (or heavily influenced by human) characters you have played, you can instant message or private message Pterascream or me. Make sure we both know and give you a go ahead before you join in; we do not speak offline together as often as we once did, and we will need to both figure out how to bring you in. We already have an idea where outside characters will be during The End?.

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 Post subject: The End?
PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:10 am 

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The End?

"Why do you persist? Do you still think you are still human? Are you that delusional?" Zealous asked Forset.

"I am the ultimate justice; I AM PEACE," Zealous and built up and roared with her voice, "I will punish humans for sins against nature, sins against their own world, and sins against my own well bring. Humans made me into what I am; trapped my spark in this android body modeled after their own image. I cannot stand to feel their species any longer."

Another feminine Autobot was restrained by a Vehicle motorcycle general. Her partner, Scritchy fused to an open wound, kept her from losing mechanical fluid and going offline. "You," Zealous viciously pointed toward Dlyrra, "It appalls me that you still defend humans when they have done nearly the same to you. I only spared your spark because you were raised by the humans with no sense of identity on our home planet of Cybertron. One day, you will be home, and you will know."

Zealous stood over Forset. Without a spark, his techno-organic human body did not have the vast energy reserves of a Cybertronian; he struggled just to use his arms to push upward from the ground. He was beaten and his flesh was torn, unable to heal. Using the rest of his strength, Forset pushed himself upright unto his knees.

Blatt, in the distance, took what was left of his nano-mechanical suit; he mentally forged the remaining substance into a crowbar. "Are you sure the suit told you that he was still alive?" Blatt asked the human girl. Adrea was being carried by a large dog cybernetically enhanced using Cybertronian technology. Adrea's leg was broken, and she relied on Anubis to carry her. "Yes," Adrea told Blatt, "It was the mech's dying wish that Luther be saved."

Blatt pried open a panel of the Ishkode mech, damaged beyond reasonable repair. Crawling inside the mech, Blatt had to tear away cables and fixtures to get to Luther. "Ego," Blatt called out Luther's call-sign and continued, "You better be alive. I will have you court marshaled if you got yourself killed."

Luther coughed up more blood into a pile of blood that lied along his bleeding, twisted body. Whispering, Luther asked Blatt, "is the battle over, sir?"

Blatt checked over Luther's body before he began to disconnect Luther from the mech and start dragging him out. "Soldier," Blatt told him, "The battle is done, but our war is not finished. We are, after all, not dead."

Forset looked into Zealous' eyes. All of the sudden, he was amazed; he could not believe those android eyes could be so human created by humans of this time period. He looked around at the others. He saw the oak trees planted by the city to improve the quality of life for those that lived in the surrounding apartments. The leaves were so beautiful as they fell; the colors made a mosaic too grand to be seen better by eyes that were not human. He watched as the beauty became corrupted by the human blood and mechanical fluid that stained the street and ground below.

"If I forgave you and freed you from that body," Forset said bringing shock and narrowed eyes to the face of Zealous, "Would you stop hating?"

"Stop telling tales," Zealous bitterly answered, "You know this cannot be undone."

"Maybe," Forset told Zealous, "Who will you hate when there are no more humans? Would you hate Megatron, the one that extracted your spark from the body of the Maximal general, Sacron? Would if you found and kill him? Would you hate the Tricons for using your spark? What if you prevented them from existing? Would you hate Neobiotics and their wormhole device that sent you to Cybertron Alpha? What if you prevent them from existing? Who would you hate then? The Endless I guess... How would you ever stop them? How will you ever stop hating and just live some sort of life?"

"Only a human would exist and continue to persist in an existence without a purpose," Zealous told Forset with disgust, "If the design of my mind requires me to hate, that is my purpose, and I shall fulfill an existence in dedication of that purpose."

"I feel sorry for you," Forset told Zealous truthfully and honestly, "I cannot blame fire for burning and lightning for striking. I cannot blame you, an advanced machine void of the soul required to choose its own purpose, for fulfilling your directive. You can kill me; I do not hate you. I know who I am, and I understand what you are."

"You... YOU forgive ME? Why am I so privileged? Have you lost too much fluid? You must have some glitch?" Zealous asked in anger; she felt ridiculed.

"A void exists in every living being before that living being understands what they must do," Forset told Zealous, "If killing me is what it takes to help fill your void, I will feel that my sense of justice has been served."

Forset bowed his head to Zealous. That head was impaled; the scythe blade, Zealous' right hand, penetrated the top of the skull and exited at the base of the jaw. Zealous removed her blade and smiled as Forset's body fell dead.

The motorcycle Vehicon general's grip release as he was in shock. Dlyrra rushed to Forset's body; she poured herself over his chest and wept mechanical fluid. Zealous could not restrain her laughter.

"ZEVAIS!" Blatt called out to the motorcycle Vehicon general as he walked Luther over by the shoulder, "Is that your ideal? Are you going to tell me that is your idea of technological perfection? Rage and anger! I know you, you once fought alongside us!"

All of the remaining drones became still; Zevais was Zealous' only remaining general and the only one left who could command her drones. Zevais clenched his fists and struggled with himself.

Zealous turned to Zevais and asked him, "Are you letting an organic get to you? Are you getting soft? Have they tainted you? Go back to base and review your programming; I will dispose of these this human waste."

Zealous was knocked backward by the optic lasers of Zevais. Zealous was mortified. "How dare you!," Zealous protested and continued, "after all I have given you!"

"Given me..." Zevais pondered out loud, "All I have been given is a sense of mind that I can no longer exist by and remain online."

Zevais approached Zealous. "We both came from the same empire of pain," Zevais told Zealous he came within striking distance, "I am someone different, and I see that as I stand right here. Before our histories diverged in time, we were Sacron in two different timelines. I do want to know who I really am; you cannot get off that throne with that crown of thorns. You will not give up your empire of pain. You can have it all. I will let it go. If I must, I will make you hurt."

Zevais spark shined so brilliantly; his entire chasis could not dim the glow. Power crackled and sparked across his entire body. Zealous backed off.

Zevais faced Dlyrra and told her, "All of this is my fault. I chose her over those I knew. This is not how I wish to be remembered. I did not want to rid this universe of organics; I just wanted to be free of them because I thought they prevented me from knowing who I truly am. I should have seen that organics might have given me a choice of who I WANT to be."

Zevais knelt down to Forset and placed a hand on Forset, "My friends need you. I would like to know you. I shall give you the life that I have stolen."

The life of the sparks Zevais has stolen over time and absorbed into his own spark began to flow from him into Forset, healing Forset. Forset coughed, and Forset's hand grabbed Dlyrra's hand. He would not wake for some time. Dlyrra looked up to Zevais, "I will remember you for giving life."

"Thank you," Zevais told Dlyrra as stood up and faced Zealous.

"You have one stellar cycle to find a way off of this planet Earth before I hunt you down," Zevais told Zealous. Zealous took off in a combination of anger and terror.

"Are you sure that was a good idea?" Blatt asked Zevais.

"I don't think so," Zevais told Blatt, "but my brutality had to end."

"What do we do now?" Adrea asked Zevais.

"I don't know," Zevais answered, "I don't think I am the right person to tell you. Earth's fate needs to be in human hands. The drones and I will help with whatever you decide."

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