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 Post subject: Transformers: Battle for Cuoc Sung
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:12 pm 
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Cuoc Sung
Orders: Harvest plants and atmosphere to syphon energon for refining.

Planet Type
Atmosphere: dense, nitrogen-oxygen-carbon dioxide-helium-water vapor, carbon dioxide and helium levels too high to sustain human life and common beast modes, green skies, high frequency of rainfall and electric storms
Energon: high quantity, unstable, unknown instability, atmospheric and organic
Humidity: High
Lifeforms: Autotrophs (ability to create their own food) exclusively; however, some lifeforms are mobile and aggressive as they compete for nutrient rich environments
Low Gravity
M Class
Sentient Activity: CLASSIFIED
Temperature Range: 10 degrees fahrenheit through 250 degrees fahrenheit
Vegetation: dense and present in every environment
Suggestions: Recommend aerial plant and vehicle alternate modes.


Subject Name: Nha Mai
Faction: Unknown: Maximal or Predacon origin
Gender: Hermophrodite
Chasis: medium-small, 9 foot height, low weight, alternating reach, reinforced, no subspace zones, no interspacial cavities-resistant to pressure change, plant type, organics fused at extreme level
Strength: Moderately High
Speed: Extreme
Agility: Extreme
Intelligence: Error Recorded: Memory Loss: Memory tracks have been removed and replaced by organic components.
Power: Unknown: Extreme Levels Detected
Aim: Extreme
Courage: Unknown: Actions Appear to be guided
Endurance: Unknown: Raise caution

Ability to communicate with and stimulate plantlife
Ability to create powerful projectiles of unknown plant based origin
Ability to extend reach to unknown lengths with environmental assistance
Ability to create stable energon internally using environmental stimuli
Ability to create vibrosonic claws of variable shape
Ability to create wings and flight using plant based origins
Ability to generate unstable energon radiation
Ability to syphon energon
Ability to transform into any known plantlife
Regeneration: extreme
Error Recorded: Memory Loss: Memory tracks have been removed and replaced by organic components.
Afraid, defensive, amnesiac, guided by an unknown source
Subject protects all life on the planet of Cuoc Sung. Subject is inquisitive; however, subject will act hostile if threat is perceived.
Subject is more inclined to react peacefully to a plant based beast mode.
Error Recorded: Memory Loss: Memory tracks have been removed and replaced by organic components.

{special thanks to my sister for the image}

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 Post subject: Re: Transformers: Battle for Cuoc Sung
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:14 pm 
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{The above report will give you some background information to keep in mind as I begin this story.}

 Post subject: Re: Transformers: Battle for Cuoc Sung
PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:01 am 
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+= Searching For Compatible Lifeform =+

+= No Compatible Lifeform Found =+

+= Terminating Genesis =+

+= Termination of Genesis Interrupted =+

+= Biological Contamination, Initiatin Sterilization =+

+= Sterilization Interrupted, Systems Shutting Down =+

~Save Us~

"I am falling," Nha Mai said appearing as a lanky bot gliding downward like a flying squirrel with leaf flaps instead of skin flaps.

"Slag!" Nha Mai suddenly slammed into a Predacon with a alternate mode of a smaller Sweep type jet. On the ground, two slammed into giant flower bloom releasing a thick mist of pollen and spores. Teethlike thorns riddled the Predacon as Nha Mai stood up and examined the Predacon.

Nha Mai felt a strong sense of hatred and an urge to kill the Predacon.

The damaged Predacon looked up at Nha Mai, "Who are you? What are you?"

Nha Mai bent down to inches from the Predacon's torn face. "Are those things I am supposed to know?" Nha Mai answered in curiousity.

"You're some kind of freak," the Predacon told Nha Mai, "Aren't you?"

"I don't think I am. I am not sure what a freak is," Nha Mai replied.

"You must have came from-" the Predacon was silenced mid-sentence by Nha Mai's hands wrapping around the neck and vocal processor of the Predacon. The Predacon's head popped off easily as Nha Mai's fingers became sharp, vibroshifting caws.

Nha Mai dropped the rest of the body and began walking off showing little emotion. The large bloom began to wrap around the Predacon body, consuming the body. "Was I just compelled?" Nha Mai asked out loud.

~Nha Mai~

Nha Mai heard a voice. Nha Mai took a few clicks to realize that the voice was within the mind, not from an outside source. Nha Mai remembered the first words that the voice spoke, "Save Us."

"Am I Nha Mai?" Nha Mai asked.

~You are Nha Mai; you are plant. You are this world; you are Cuoc Sung. You will save us.~

 Post subject: Re: Transformers: Battle for Cuoc Sung
PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:16 am 
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"I keeping banging my head. Was I asleep? Am I something good? Am I something bad?" Nha Mai asked. Nha Mai rested on the peak of a tree that would dwarf elderly Redwoods. Days have passed since Nha Mai awoke and murdered the Predacon jet; Nha Mai has not heard the mysterious voice since that day.

The tree moved, but this did not phase Nha Mai. There was something almost humanoid about the tree. Massive legs and massive arms planted and unplanted themselves from the ground moving toward the direction of the sunset.

There was an unbelievable shrill and rustling of leaves following an immense impact. The tree fell over, dying. A wave of Predacon jets approached at high speeds.

Nha Mai was immediately compelled by an incredible force. Nha Mai could feel rage, sorrow and the desire to seek revenge. Nha Mai transformed into a strange jet, much of the chasis had the texture and design of maple leaves; mechanical vines weaved through the entire form. Nha Mai bursted to the sky with immense speed.

Bullets shreaded through Nha Mai's body as energy pulses and beams singed Nha Mai's flesh. Nha Mai was flying straight into the Predacon jets. Immediately prior to impact with the lead jet, Nha Mai transformed into robot mode. Nha Mai's legs rammed through and penetrated the lead jet's armor as Nha Mai's arms extended as mechanical vines penetrating the armor of the lead jet's wingmen. Nha Mai spun midair, spiralling the lead jet and whipping the wingmen into the other jets. Damage to all jets were beyond severe at this point; they all fell toward the surface of Cuoc Sung.

The lead jet transformed and removed Nha Mai from his chasis. Nha Mai and the Predacon impacted the side of a younger tree. Branches broke and oozed sap on a massive scale as Nha Mai and the Predacon fought as they feel. The Predacon hardly held off Nha Mai with a pair of twin energon tipped battle axes.

The impact to the ground was sudden and intense, but the foliage and branches removed the danger of the fall. Nha Mai was quick to strike the Predacon deeply cutting through armor with vibrosonic claws. The brute strength of the Predacon allowed the Predacon to charge Nha Mai into the trunk of an elder, stationary tree. The Predacon pinned Nha Mai and told Nha Mai, "You don't think you can win, do you? This is far bigger than both of us. Scarath will just send more of us. The Quintessacons are paying him too well."

Nha Mai's chest erupted with mechanical vines that penetrated and tore off the arms of the Predacon at the shoulders. The Predacon roared out and fell to his knees.

Nha Mai stared at the Predacon. "Just end it. Scarath would do much worse than you to me if I get caught surviving this defeat," the Predacon told Nha Mai.

"Why do you wish to kill so strongly?" Nha Mai asked the Predacon.

"Heh, it seems like you're the one doing all the killing around here," the Predacon answered, "You make a fine killer-too bad you aren't one of us."

Nha Mai placed a claw directly into the center of the Predacon's chest. "You did not answer my question," Nha Mai insisted.

The Predacon spat up some mech fluid, "Ok-ok, this planet is soaked in energon. Energon is laced in the springs that nourish this world. The plants even breathe it out with carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in smaller quantities. The Quintessacons commissioned us, Predacon Harvesting Commission; we harvest planets for energon and crude. All plants, crude and atmosphere will be harvested, collected, and processed."

"This will not be allowed. This planet harbors life. I am compelled by this life. I am the guardian. I will protect this world," Nha Mai told the Predacon.

"You and what army?-a bunch of plants?" the Predacon asked and continued, "You don't get it. I was only a scouting raid since you killed our initial scout. More powerful Predacons will arrive. Even if they fail, the Quintessacons will just hire someone else."

"You may be correct. This will not deter me from protecting this word. I am Nha Mai; I am a part of this world. My last breathe will be for this world," Nha Mai explained.

"No your not. I know who you are," the Predacon told Nha Mai.

Nha Mai grabbed the Predacon strongly, "Who am I? Tell me! I need to make sense of this."

The Predacon began to answer. Nha Mai's mechanical vine's bursted through the vocal processor of the Predacon; Nha Mai's claws tore the spark chamber apart.

"Why, oh Primus, why?!" Nha Mai grieved to himself, "Why am I-how am I compelled to keep killing like this. Where are my answers?!"

Nha Mai wept as the Predacon was swallowed by the plantlife of Cuoc Sung.

"Can my mind still be together?" Nha Mai asked himself, "Can I even be contained? I am in peace and then I kept on edge. All I want to know if there is some goodness in my spark. Am I just a killing machine? Why was I chosen? I am twisted; I have no sense of self"


"Scarath, sir, the entire wave was eliminated," an insignificant Predacon told the appearant leader.

Massive and appearantly uncharacteristically unangered, Scarath lumbered through the bridge of the ship in a transmetal beast mode, somewhere between a scarab beetle and massive predatory reptile, possibly a theropod. "Have Arcane, Blaster, Canus, and Victicide meet me in the launch bay in 60 cycles," said in response, "Have Blaster bring samples of native beasts of the planet."

A strange hovering, legless, many optic'ed, fourarmed bot hovered toward Scarath. A similar bot with four masive, lumbering legs, muscular form, and only two arms followed closely. They were both Quintessacons. The hovering one spoke, "I hope this does not hinder our progress. You have been well paid in advance. I would not like to stop believing in your abilities."

Scarath made a growl-insect hiss and beheaded the insignificant Predacon after orders were relayed. Scarath did so with the grasp of a single, clawed hand. Scarath made no answer and stomped off of the bridge dropping the head along the way.

The Quintessacon smirked with delight.


The Walking Trees; special thanks to Akamu1228

Quintessacon, Decendant of the Quintessons; special thanks to my sister

Quintessacon Guard; special thanks to my sister

Scarath; special thanks to my sister

Arcane; special thanks to tigerburn

Wolfvine; special thanks to tigerburn

Plantgrade; special thanks to tigerburn

Herbicide; special thanks to my sister

 Post subject: Re: Transformers: Battle for Cuoc Sung
PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:46 am 
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The river had an intense natural gleam. Nha Mai bathed in the enriching purity of this valuable natural resource. Nha Mai glared upon the reflection, "How can live without somebody like you? Standing listening, I watch the stars go by. How much longer will I be waiting?"

Three figures emerged from the dense vegetation and forestation approaching the river delta. Nha Mai instinctively scanned the three creatures. Each one was partially recognized as the plantlife of this world, Cuoc Sung, and something akin to Nha Mai.

The first was similar inform to a canine, though completely plant in original. Vines, grass, and leaves covered as fur and claws would; the jaws could seperate in all four directions and four legume orbs acted as decentralized eyes.

The second dragged itself along leaving a trail of ooze behind it. This creature was the plantae kingdom's answer to the giant squid. It had the same foliage covered skin with the exception of a slick and oozy appearance.

The third creature appeared to be a walking flytrap large enough to swallow a human; the body appeared as an arranged mass of thinly peeled tree bark lengthed into ribbon. Massive teeth emerged from the mouth that were composed of proteins that held strong metal minerals of the planet. A digestive cored within the creature's mouth had a stronge glow as the creature moved.

The third creature commanded the first two, "Predacons, Terrorize!"

Each of the three creatures rearranged into their own respective robot modes. Nha Mai became instintively defensive, but another instinct made Nha Mai confusingly trusting of the three at the same time. Nha Mai could do nothing more than ask, "who are you?" as Nha Mai stood motionless.

The robot mode of the third creature spoke first with an age, raspy, and low pitched voice, "Arcane. The mutt and squid were Canus and Blaster. The two go by Wolfvine and Plantgrade now. Do you understand of the concept of names? Do you know yours?"

Nha Mai replied defensively, "I am aware. I am this world, Cuoc Sung, and this world gave the gift of name to me. That gift was Nha Mai."

Wolfvine grabbed his abdomen as he laughed like a hyena. Plantgrade shoved Wolfvine and told Wolfvine with a disturbing smooth, feminine voice, "Do not blame it for not remembering who it is. It has been corrupted by this world."

"Sorry, he just gives me the giggles," Wolfvine said in a voice that randomly switched between the pitch of a whimpering howl and the pitch of a low, violent growl.

Nha Mai continued to eye them all with a strange curiousity; however, Nha Mai knew something inside instructed for the death of the three. The intensity had been stronger with the other invaders. Nha Mai began to believe the beast modes of native life were causing confusion.

"This planet will be recycled," Arcane told Nha Mai, "You will come with us; so that, we can cure you of your disgusting infection." Arcane was becoming more irritable; Arcane was growing more and more uncomfortable in this skin he was wearing.

"I am this planet. There is no cure for who I am," Nha Mai told Arcane defensively, "You will leave my home or be destroyed."

"Your home is Cybertron," Plantgrade told Nha Mai; she definitely seemed to have some sort of investment in Nha Mai going by her tone.

Nha Mai flashed toward Plantgrade in the blink of an optic. Standing close to Plantgrade, Nha Mai asked her, "Cybertron?"

"Young one, you were a protoform sent to this world as an experiment. We needed to test if the native life was compatible with our DNA sequencers," Plantgrade told Nha Mai, "Your stasis pod told us that no compatible life could be found or modified; we thought we lost you. Recently, your awakening and actions have made us believe otherwise. You will come with us. We can show you the truth; we can bring you home. You won't be alone anymore."

"Home?" Nha Mai asked.

"Yes," Plantgrade told Nha Mai, "You live on a wonderful technological world of Cybertron free from all of these chaotic organic lifeforms."

Nha Mai began to step backward and shook his head. He held his head as he backed up further and told the three, "YOU LIE! I am this world. I am not alone; I am a part of all things of this world."

"Plantgrade," Arcane addressed and continued, "This isn't working. Something is overriding the logic chips. We need to get it off of this world."

"It has a name," Plantgrade told Arcane, "We can't kill Nha Mai; Nha Mai is too valuable to my research."

"The recycling must proceed as scheduled," Arcane told Plantgrade, "We will remove this Nha Mai at whatever cost to ensure that we receive profit. Your orders are our orders, and you will help us or be eliminated with this Nha Mai."

Nha Mai was hardly listening. A wave of confusing thoughts filled Nha Mai's mind and caused chaos. Nha Mai struggled with the new information and the instincts that came from within.

"I am sick of this world," Arcane told Wolfwine, "Let's be done with this."

"I am with you, hehehehehehe," Wolfvine agreed as a form of sap salivated from the corners of his mouth. Both Arcane and Wolfvine extended vibrosonic blades from their forearms in preparation to cut Nha Mai down.

Arcane struck Nha Mai while Nha Mai was still in a state of confusion. Plantgrade got in the way, losing one of her tentacles and some damage to her side. Plantgrade expelled a mist of dark venom that burned and seared the organic flesh of everything around her. Nha Mai only felt the pain shortly. Plantgrade transformed back into beast mode and lunged into the river pulling Nha Mai with her. The two descended deeply. Nha Mai's body quickly adapted to the aquatic environment.

As soon as Wolfvine brushed off the venom, he told Arcane, "Boss isn't going to like this one bit. He is in a pretty bad mood as it is."

Wolfvine yelped as Arcane strangled Wolfvine's throat and slammed Wolfvine into the trunk of a tree. "And that is why he doesn't have to know," Arcane told Wolfvine.

"Yet, at least-" Arcane continued and released some grip, "We still have quite a bit of time before we need to make a report. I don't want Scarath to think I was incompetent enough to not be able to defend myself against a science officer."

"Good point," Wolfvine blurted in a strangled voice.

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