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 Post subject: H.A.T Trick Part One
PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:27 am 

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Unknown Sector In Space
The Big Top Circus Ship

It had been sometime since the aliase H.A.T team had been on the move, much less physically capable of anything more than floating through the void and a molded paperweight.

Absurdo was the first to come back to life, online and wired high. His black and purple highlighted razor fine follical fibered hair rigid, his black suit pinstriped with faint but plentiful blue, and his polytrimetal shirt consistent of white lace able to take the back blast of their little star-hopper.

Harlequin was the next to awaken with a large and lumbering yawn. His height and mass made him the strength of the operation, since he wasn't really good for much else. Harley's armor resembled that of a clown from way back in the history tracks of Earth. It was tri-colored in patches of blue, red, and yellow triangle. On his head was a matching cone hat which had many purposes, as needed.

Finally Trickster came online with a manical chuckle and then a throaty laugh. His purple optics blazed with insanity as everything and nothing came running back into his memory files. Trickster wore armor made to resemble purple pants, a green button up shirt, and an orange overcoat with tails and a bright white and black pokadotted flower. His head was adorned in a joker like hat with three flops, two always on one side and one on the other. Each flop a matching color to his armor. Trickster again broke the silence.

"Why were we spared? We're alive, seperate, and for better or worse together again."

"It is absolutely Obsurd...but I like it."

"There." Harlequin pointed to a flickering screen above them, with a glowing pare of red optics to match the oft's.

On the view screen a bot in darkness watched with red optics.

"You owe me nothing but you are free of Megatron and each other to an extent. I was able to split you apart but you are all still...connected it seems by choice. For me...Ringmasta. You see I'm preparing a little...event right up your ally but I need some 'things' first."

"Things?" Harlequin churpted.

"Party FAVORS!!!!!" Trickster jingled.

"You'll have to excuse my associates, they're absolutely....-nuts."

"You are no less Absurdo. I am short on acts for my little circus. I want you to lure in some people from across time and space. I'll take care of the rest. You just...bring them to me."

"How?" Harlequin questioned.

"You're HAT Star-hopper is repaired and I have fashioned to similar ones for each of you. You have the ability in you to combined if you wish. You also have the ability to transformer individually into something else. Each vehicle has a reality shifting generator in it. Bring me my toys. You'll find lists in each vehicle. If you need help then, assist each other. Now's go break a leg boys because the show must go on."


Back inside the the depths of the circus cruiser, away from where H.A.T. could see him, the Ringmasta laughed. Perhaps this would go poorly but at least there would be entertainment to night for him. Now where did he put the popcorn?


Absurdo was by his Hopper in but a nano. Trickster followed suit by backflipping his way to his. Harlequin merely walked to his hoping not to trip over anything.

"The gangs back together and already on a mission. The new boss wants us to gather the toys and party favors. What better way than to cause a little hell around the city."


"Yes Ace?"

"Shut. Up. We'll paint the town red, and blue, and yellow, and any other color we want but first things first, we have to leave."


Else where in the infinite realm of Primus, better known as the Allspark, Havok awoke to his bleak space again. Was he never get a true bit of peace. Primus would send him out once more, probably after some clown. If only Havok knew how truly right he was. At least Havok would have the benefit of having Inuyasha and Starwave with him.

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 Post subject: H.A.T Trick Part Two
PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:50 am 

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It took almost no time for Absurdo and his brothers to take care of business. Absurdo took it upon himself personally to go after the scientist named Takkerror. Their star hoppers had transwarp drives that allowed them to slip through time and space with ease. It was very nice of their new manager to allow them this but he was still bothered by several factors. Absurdo had a problem with the lack of information and knowing the specifics of the mission that they were on now. There was also the question of whom they owed their reactivation too. He also did not like the factor that there were all sorts of safety protocols to prevent them from uprising against the Ringmasta.

Once he parked his vehicle in a hidden area near Takkerror’s lab on a terran planet is some remote future, Absurdo leapt from the vehicle to move towards his objective. His white optics glimmered with the possibility of tricking Takkerror into causing him to hurt himself but first he needed to understand why him, and why now…again.

Takkerror sat behind a desk looking over his latest developments in his own bio-technological advances. Ever since his awakening in his new form his power to graft and change living tissue and bond it with living mechanical mechanism intrigued him. He was able to heal dying terrans but they were never the same afterwards. More Cybertronian than human. His orange optics shifted to an electric teal color as he sat back from the screen.
“As many times as it happens it’s still amazing and hard to understand. What?” His audio twitched as he heard something behind him. “Whose there?”

“An old friend…” Absurdo said slinking out of the shadows still in his diminutive stature. His wild spiky purple hair flexing slightly. “…If you can call me that.”

“Absurdo? A Tricon defection…no. You’re dead.”

“All things that seem as they were cease to exist. I’m not here to discuss the absurd realization of the truth but I am existent.”

“But…you’re singular. Where are the other two?”

“I’m no longer a Tri-con. Someone pulled my spark core from my dead body before Cybertron was destroyed. I do not remember what happened between then, how you ended up on a backwater terran world, or why I am not…for lack of a better word…in ancient technology.”
“I could change that.”

“I’ll remind you to keep you filthy organic hands to yourself. I may have a biological beast mode but my shell is Cybertronian through and through. I care not to blend the two. I am here for you. You have no choice in the matter. I am here to take you back to the circus and I have whatever I need to put you in a better state to transport. Of course…if you want to fight…?”

“In my early years I might have decided to fight you but I’ve become a bit of a pacifist now. I’m more interested in why someone would save your to find me.”

“Good question. I do not know the answer. As much as I love being Absurd…this is infuriating to even me. When you move into the other time, you may loose your lovely techno-organic components. Just a warning. I am sure your gifts will remain. Mind transforming into beast mode and getting in the steel cage?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really.”

Once Absurdo finished securing the cage to his star hopper, he left everything just as it was except for the addition of his crystal blue rose. Tilting his head to the side, he nodded liking it and then leaving to head back to the Big Top.

Else, where in time Harlequin sighed a bit bored as he flew towards a Maximal settlement. His target was Sunburst and that was as much as he knew Sunburst and a horse. Once landed the large lumbering giant staggered half hazard towards his objective like the clown he was. Harlequin always acted this way but inside his mind worked faster than his vocal processor defined. He was quiet content on being the brawn and clumsy fool of the group but at times, he did long for more. Harlequin looked over the terran romance novel in his pocket published by a place with his likeness.

“Suppose it’s time I shine.” With a huff, he closed his optics and concentrated on his inner workings. Harlequin heard a quick click and sighed in relief. “That should be better.”

His voice was as deep but not as slow and dimwitted sounding. There was a lone female watching a group of Maximal’s playing ball out in a field. Must have been their day off or something. Harlequin cart wheeled over to her and tripped nearly following into her upon arrival.


“Whoa!” Sunburst cried as she caught his arm and helped him stabilize. “What are you a circus bot?”
“Actually yes with a special invitation just for you.” He smiled a dashing smile at her, which bedazzled her slightly.

“Bucky won’t mind I guess. I mean…things are rough right now between us anyway. What’s your name anyway?”

“Harlequin. Fool extraordinaire.”
“Cute name.” She smiled to him. “I’m Sunburst. Why me?”

“We need someone with your dazzling personality to help make the circus shine. Just a temporary spot…until we find someone else or you decide to stay.” Something in Harlequin’s mind screamed, ‘LAIR!’ He blinked confused.
“That sounds like a treat. I suppose I could try it. Hey…are you okay?”

Harlequin looked for a long moment at Sunburst tilting his head. Had he heard her, yes but was he going crazy or was his conscience finally activating? It did not matter; Harlequin had to stay true to the plan for now. He would need to speak in private with Absurdo later.

“Y-yes. Sorry. Distracted. I have a bit of a list to finish. You will have to convert to your beast mode and then ride in the cage on my ship. It’s not the most practical…but it’s the only means we have.”

“Well…that’s kinda kinky on a first date but…alright.” She said taking his hand in hers and winked.
“Umm…alright.” Harlequin was not sure if she was being a tease or serious but went along with it anyway. As they moved back towards his ship, he dropped the romance novel on the ground. Once back at the ship he secured his prize and then took off back towards the Big Top.

Trickster strolled through the ratty streets of New Cybertropolis with a smirk on his face. As he strolled, he whirled his staff around like a cane, similar to Charlie Chaplin. Just being as bright as he was in a dark street like this would call attention to his presence. One particular bot did spot him.

“Eve’ in Officer…” Trickster chided in his nasally musical sarcastic tone. “…can I help you?”

“What’s the deal? You don’t belong in this dangerous part of town, especially with strict restrictions on traveling alone in affect.”

“Sorry but I was suppose to be here to meet with you. Something about…Enac…”

“WHA!?!?! Who sent you?” The bot’s optics narrowed.

“Ringmasta. Says you’ve been expecting him. Says he needs the supply now. If you don’t have it then you can make it back at his place.”

“Ringmasta? I thought he was dead. He’s got a nerve sending some clown to ask for his stuff.”

“Why good officer of the law I’m no mere clown, I’m Trickster. Are you ready to go?”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m putting you under arrest for soliciting an officer for drugs.”

“Wrong answer.” Trickster slammed his staff down, the other end rising high above his head. “The correct answer was yes. Knock knock.”


“Not what Narcotic…” His staff came down and swept the officers feet out from under him. As this happened there was a knocking sound. Then another knocking sound when he hit the ground winded.
“Whoshsss…” The wind escaped his cooling system.

“Pain and Agony. That’s who.” Trickster smirked and rammed the end of his staff down hard into the bot’s temple. “Oh drat…officer down.”
Trickster pulled out a spray bottle and sprayed the wall next to him. Whatever was in it turned the wall invisible while leaving its consistency. He stashed the bottle quickly and then pressed a button on his staff while holding it close to Narcotic. Trickster’s miniature anti-gravity field generator allowed Narcotic to float at the end of his staff like a balloon. The maniacal clown laughed like a child as he skipped down the alleyway back towards his hidden ride.
“Oh how good it is to be me.”

Trickster quickly stowed his captive in the large cage on his ship and then took off back to the big top laughing all the way and singing to no one but himself.


Once Havok awoke, he found himself disoriented on the side of one of the streets off New Diacon, one of many reflection cities on the new planet populated by the Cybertronian race. This planet was named Siphon 5 after its founding influence. Havok cleared his head for a moment looking around sighing.

"Glad you're awake." A non-concerned voice from the shadows.

"Yup, of course this is my first trip."

"Boys...." Flare said shaking her head.

"Wait...why are you here?" Havok said looking at each of them.

"They're here because you need a team for this." Starwave said from behind Havok.

"Mmm. I have a five-man crew then. Isn't that excessive?"

"Guess he doesn't know yet." Flare said with a smile going up behind Starwave.

"What? What don't I know?" Havok looked over for a moment.

"Well the way we got it is that you need a team for stopping the threat here. Of course, the threat does not make any sense. All non-related and crazy stuff. There was a rose at one sighting...after the crime." Inuyasha said a bit more eager for a new job.

"And a novel from earth with a clown on it." Ebon said examining his nails for a moment.

"The last crime had something to do with a hole in a wall but on investigation it was only painted. Do not ask how they figured out it was only painted. Whoever painted it though used some type of paint that made it completely see through." Flare stated smiling.

"So...none of you know what to make of it. This is a surprise even for Flare. She should remember something about it. The novel...was it a Harlequin Romance?" Starwave mused while laid back against a wall in his new white armoring.

"....A rose, a book with a clown, and a see through wall. Odd sense of humor. Sounds like Harlequin, Trickster, and Absurdo, those three are all in the same body. At least that's what I remember from being a Maximal during the time with the techno-organics." Havok narrowed his optics in thought. "This is ...too organized for them though. When did each of these crimes happen and what did they take?"

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