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Metal Frontier: Cactili Sonnet
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Author:  Drakgun Knyte [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:51 am ]
Post subject:  Metal Frontier: Cactili Sonnet

Hex sat in the dim light of his base of operations, back in the inner sanctum. He pulled out the sniper rifle that he had picked up from Elder during the Shambles battle of the Dead Batteries. He placed it on a work bench to polish it and make it glisten. Once finished he turned it over and scanned it further. Thanks to a litte time in the hospital and R-Bath's his optics were functioning flawlessly. Hex hmmed and grunted over his new find until he was sure it was in perfect working order for now. He placed the gun up towards the wall, without a thought he released it as the gravity of the wall sucked it in. It was something he used for his trophies. It was a reminder of his victories, losses, and those who would haunt him forever. Hex had not really considered anyone worthy of his wall besides a picture of his daughter and an inscription under a vacant place for the man who seperated him from his daughter.

Elder had burned his way into Hex neural memory by force. The old ancient 'Con was now just another ghost nagging to be remembered, one he would not forget soon. He carved out an inscription with Elder written on it and then let it go, watching it clink into place under the sniper rifle. Hex closed his optics to block out the pain and the memory of the 'Con's last words. He thought about it and nodded.

'It maybe so, Elder but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I did all that I culd for everyone that I could.'

Hex turned from his wall and walked back to the front of his shop, transforming back to Cactili form. He had to get over to the medical building. Hex had promised himself that he would learn a better array of medical knowledge in case they needed it for future confrontations. He wanted to be the best field medic he could, even if that was not his main purpose. The group Hex had come to hang out with severly needed it and he'd learn everything he could.

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