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[Title is Latin for Hate the Dark. This is set quite a long time after all the Metal Frontier missions have been completed. Kind of a glimpse into a possible future, of sorts. Schizophrenic Ataraxes is schizophrenic. <.< Figured I'd throw it up here on Spark Fragments, even though it's not that good. -shrug- And yes, I stole the very last line from one of Psycko's posts. Symbolism, no? xD]

She doubted she would ever get off this Primus-forsaken planet.

It'd been vorns since she'd seen the last of the group of ragtag bounty hunters. They'd gone their separate ways long since, and she was back to being her own 'bot. 'Is that what it really is? Do you really think you belong to yourself? No. This damn place owns you, doesn't it?'.

The sides of Ataraxes' equine alt. mode heaved in a deep sigh, a cog creaking ominously somewhere near her respirators. When was the last time she'd had maintenance? She'd forgotten. But then she'd started hearing voices in her CPU, and she'd forgotten many things that she shouldn't have. The quiet of the barrens of Dustball surrounded her now, and she was alone again. A buzzing noise in the back of her processor announced the start-up of one of the tag-along 'ghost' programs that had nestled into her CPU sometime during the course of the long vorns spent on Dustball. A sickening sort of hatred bubbled up within her at the mere thought of the planet: she could never leave. Never. The single word seemed to echo within her as the glitch program wormed it's way into her though processes, making the femme stop short. She didn't want to be like this, why did it have to be this way? Ataraxes shook her head from side to side violently, a loud snort ripping from her soft-metal nostrils.

'You're like this because you're weak, Ataraxes. You can't stand to be alone, and you hate. You hate so many things...' The voice returned. She suspected vaguely that it was somehow linked to the glitch in her processor, but when the ghost program took over, everything was vague, and she was no longer Ataraxes. She was something she hated.

Ax had long ago learned that if she fought the ghost program, it was painful for her, so now she allowed her true self to slide back away from consciousness. Primus, when had she become so weak? Was her last coherent thought as the opaque haze smothered her true mind.

Quietly, but with no real need to be, the ghost program began shutting down systems in the femme. One by one. First only auxiliary systems, then vitals, then parts of the neural network. The still form of the horse femme eventually collapsed to it's knees, bringing the true Ataraxes out of her haze slightly. 'So this is how it ends...' She thought tiredly, weariness suddenly overcoming her like a tidal wave. Finally, and with a distant pain that she didn't really feel, Ataraxes' spark pump was shut down, cutting off all energy to her spark. The red and black horse collapsed onto her side, limbs flailing for a few moments, then settling. The prettily-formed head of the equine slowly lowered itself to the ground, and she was still. Ataraxes' infinitely-blue optics flickered once, twice, a third time, then offlined completely.

Somewhere across the barrens of Dustball, a lone Decayote howled into the night as Ataraxes' spark was extinguished.

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