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 Post subject: Transformers: Dawn of the Eaters
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:10 am 
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"That's the third group this solar week."

The Magnus had no answer for the Autobot militia-bot; there was just two of them left disreguarding the Magnus. The Magnus stood tall above the rest; only extra-large class bots were assigned sectors to protect in the Autobot Guard. The Magnus transformed into a stellar frigate, slick and Cybertronian; however, it has been solar cycles since he has taken a breath of space.

"No, I got fifty more reports across Cybertron megaclicks ago, before the outage this morning." Gencom was a communications specialist. There were not many on Cybertron. Gencom was slim and cobalt blue compared to normal bots, transforming into a stationary satellite dish or mobile defense turret at will.

"Gencom, has there been any reports of attack on the energon stockpiles? I know our sector has a shorter supply, but they should be going after the stockpiles," the Magnus asked with a sincere sense of worry.

Gencom halfway transformed into a satellite array. There was a puzzled expression in his return to bot mode. "Magnus, sir, there are no reports."

"They must not have found ours yet," the Magnus resounded.

"No, sir, you do not understand-no reports-no reports anywhere at anytime. Not one easily exposed stockpile," Gencom told Magnus. This time; both sounded worried.

"Magnus! Sir, come look at this!" Feenon eagerly exclaimed. Feenon was not known for being so excitable. Small, but tough, the rusted veteran could not even transform anymore-still, he had enough firepower to slag and frak a 'Con in a nanoclick. Nothing should have been able to worry him.

Magnus and Gencom approached one of the bodies. "It can't be," Magnus told them,"not one of ours."

"Helion, Autobot guard second class according to this processor," Gencom told the others as he examined Feenon's discovery, "It seems these raiding parties are recruiting Autobots."

"These are no Autobots. They fight with no sense of self-preservation. They tear apart and drink the energon rich mechanical fluid of their victims," the Magnus corrected with a combination of fear and suprise, "If they needed energon, they knew could come to us. Why? What the frak is going on?"

Feenon's optics faded to black, but there was glow still-a black form of light. Magnus and Gencom were oblivious as they examined the twisted remains of the Autobots among the group they just destroyed in battle.

Feenon's rusted body shifted into something more sharp, more angular-a large opening lined with circular cutting rows of blades slowly replaced his faced as he transformed into something ferral, maybe canine; it was hard to tell because there was no similar animal structure on Earth or Cybertron. "Hunger," was the only thing said before Feenon clawed his way through the oblique structures of the Magnus' abdomen.

Gencom looked in horror as the Magnus fell onto his otherside in disbelief. Feenon sucked dry the spilt mechanical fluid on the ground with a new, unique, segmented tubes that sprouted from his front shoulders.

Magnus fired a blast that removed and melted half of Feenon's face, torso and shoulder; this was Magnus' most powerful ability and heavily reserved since it wasted so much energon. "On your feet, bot, you need to get me to the nearest medic," Magnus told Gencom.

Gencom was frozen in horror. "TO YOUR FEET SOLDIER," Magnus ordered in pain,"Listen to me. Whatever happened to the others must have infected Feenon. I cannot stand. Feenon is gone. Let's go."

"Sir, they're moving," Gencom grew more nervous, "THEY"RE FRAKKING MOVING!"

"Calm down," Magnus told Gencom,"What are you talking about".

A small number of the bodies that were offline after being shot down from the previous battle were moving-no putting themselves back together using parts from other bodies. There was no sense to it; some parts were not even functional or in the correct placement. One after the next, each of the bodies said one thing, "hunger."

Fire rained down from above melting the bodies of the bots rebuilding themselves. Three Decepticon seekers dropped explosives with remarkable precision. The largest dropped down first in robot mode, he was young but obviously the leader. It was strange; all three were awefully young. The last one to drop down transformed into a device half-way between a long laser cannon and a military camera; Magnus was scanned by the Decepticon. Magnus did not know how to react.

"The probability based on age, size, damage, and recent overuse of energon at this point makes him within 80% of risk, Naegon," Scansweep, informed.

Naegon, the leader, transformed his right arm into a cannon and vaporized Magnus' head and torso with a single shot. Gencom made a move to defend Magnus; however, there was no time, and he was too slow.

"The other?" Naegon asked Scansweep.

"Negative," Scansweep told Naegon as he scanned Gencom,"No risk."

Gencom charged Naegon in rage. Quiet and composed until that point, Airsyphon took action. Airsyphon ram-rushed Gencom with more speed than expected. On the ground, Gencom was restrained by segmented, mechanical tentacles that Airsyphon released from his palms. Naegon slapped Gencom across the face.

"Listen up Autobot. This is do or go offline right now. Every Autobot in this sector is offline or eating right now. My sector was the same just a few cycles ago before we nuked the sector. This is happening all over Cybertron. We are on our way to one of your Autobot guard facilities in the next sector. We figured we needed an Autobot to get in. If you were even 40% likely to become an Eater, we would have slagged you immediately. Your friend was not so lucky; get over it," Naegon told Gencom.

Gencom spat oil in Naegon's face and told him, "I am not taking you anywhere, Decepticon scum. You killed a Magnus; that will not be taken lightly. I will not be taken in by your paranoia."

"PARANOIA! You dare! Autobot vermin," Naegon said infuriated.

"Naegon, more are converging on this sector. We need him. We cannot hold them back with three bots if there are more aerial Eaters.We need shelter," Scansweep told Naegon.

Scansweep stepped in front of Gencom, "Autobot, I am Scansweep. State your designation."

"Gencom, Autobot Militia First Class," replied with pride.

"Gencom. Something has infected older Cybertronians. We do not know what or why. Our best guess-when they run low enough on energon- is that they change and resort to feeding on other Cybertronians. We did not know Autobots could become Eaters until we found this sector and you in it. We need to go to Geon Hub before this becomes too widespread to escape from.," Scansweep explained.

Naegon fired some shots long-range and added, "They are already here. Airsyphon, release the Autobot. If he wants to be eaten, so be it."

Airsyphon released Gencom. Gencom quickly turned to see the Eaters.

"Quickly, Autobot, are you flight capable?" Scansweep asked.

"No, just direction thrusters for space," Gencom replied.

"Airsyphon. Transform into combiner mode. Autobot, you will need to allow Airsyphon to attach; go into receptive mode. We will take you to Geon Hub. We will submit to arrest. Just don't argue right now," Scansweep pleaded.

Airsyphon joined with Gencom with some reluctance.

"Decepticons! Retreat!" Naegon announced. The four thrusted into the air. Gencom could see the Eaters feasting on what was left of Magnus' fluids in the distance.

Time quickly passed as the four flew above what was left of Geon Hub. "I detect fewer Autobot signatures than Eaters," Scansweep informed the group.

"Primus, where are we going to go?" Airsyphon blurted out loud.

"Take us into space," Gencom told Airsyphon.

"Why space?" Scansweep asked.

"I am able to transform into a satellite configuration. Combine with me in space. We will be able to detect where the largest pockets of unifected Cybertronians are residing," Gencom told Scansweep.

"Decepticons. Prepare to breach the atmosphere," Naegon ordered.

{to be continued}

 Post subject: Prime
PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:12 am 
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There was no answer this time; the Autobot wept for the first time. He looked down at what was left of his fearless leader, covered in oil, grease and his own mechanical fluid. "What-" the small cycle bot stumbled over his words as his oil filled tears slid down his,"-what, what do we do now. You were supposed to tell us."

"This is a call to all Autobots," a femmebot communicated on all frequencies and amplitudes as two large bots gave cover to her and the small cycle bot, "The Geon Hub has fallen. Do not seek shelter here. I repeat, the Geon Hub has fallen."

"Feed me."

The femmebot was named Cyfri. She was light-hearted and whimsical-modeless and designed for dancing and entertainment. She often complained about being a femmebot in a manbot's world. There was no smile on her face at this moment. There was no hungry heart. There was only a look of horror that seemed as it would be painfully scarred onto her face.

The small cycle bot was a young orphan Decepticon saved by Prime himself after the Decepticon military base he lived on was destroyed before the military faction there was to raid the Geon Hub a mere few stellar cycles ago. Prime stopped other Autobots from capturing him or putting him out of his misery. His name was Cyclescythe. Prime raised him; Prime was his father. He was only decendant of the Primes left after Optimus. Prime now had him by the throat.

Cyclescythe coughed up mechanical fluid as Prime lifted Cyclescythe into the air. Prime's optics were no longer lit-only filled with a strong black glow. Prime's body appeared jagged and rusted now; large spikes and bladed protruded from wounds that he recently took.

"Dekton shoot Prime!," Cyfri desperately yelled to one of the large bots giving them cover fire, "Prime has become one of them!"

Dekton turned and trained his sights. "I can't. I can't shoot without hitting the boy," Dekton told Cyrfri.

Prime was suprisingly slow to kill Cyclescythe compared to other Eaters. Cyclescythe stopped struggling and took a long look into Prime's dark optics. With what voice he had left he told Prime, "I was you that taught me goodness; I die with no regrets."

Prime began to struggle in pain; some of his true light began to shine in his optics. Prime tore open his own chest and ripped out his own Prime processor. Prime dropped the processor and Cyclescythe on the ground and fell to his knees, "Take the processor and destroy what is left of me. I won't be able to control myself any longer"

Cyclescythe nodded and took the processor into himself. The processor activated as Cyclescythe's body reconfigured itself. Cyclescythe stood and lifted his axe; the axe had a glow of power that it never had before.

"Kill me, son," were Prime's last words as his chest wound sealed itself and he began moving again.

Cyclescythe struck down, the power of the axe was as blinding as lightning. Prime's body was obliterated.

Cyclescythe stood stern, looking down with a strange confidence and infinite sadness. Cyfri came from behind and wrapped herself around him, "You are Prime now. Tell us what to do."

Dekton and the other large bot, Gigus, turned to face the young, new Prime. Cyclescythe turned to face Dekton, Gigus, and Cyfri.

"Autobots! Transform and roll out!"


Scansweep and Gencom scanned the surface of Cybertron, combined into an advanced satellite. Naegon requested the latest info from the two.

"The hubs of Cybertron with the highest population density are rapidly falling to the Eaters. Border zones are the least affected; Decepticons and Autobots alike are forming shelters together," Scansweep and Gencom reported.

"Can we transmit to Earth or any other colony?" Airsyphon asked.

"There is not sufficient proximity. Our combined range will only contact colonies with limited resources. There is not enough information to believe this phenomenon is not currently in process of said colonies. The wise choice would be to silence interplanetary transmissions," Scansweep and Gencom informed the group.

"Disable the network. Cut Cybertron off from the rest of this universe. If our Decepticon brethren are alive and functional offworld, they must continue the legacy if we fail," Naegon commanded with a maturity unbefitting his nature.

Gencom was Autobot, but he understood; at this point, faction was of little matter. Scansweep and Gencom acknowledged and prepared the hacking procedures, "May we suggest a warning beacon in the form of a probe to prevent offworlders from returning to Cybertron."

"You do that," Naegon replied; his tone lacked emphasis and emotion as he continued, "Airsyphon, gather coordinates from Scansweep and Gencom's scans. I want you to do a few aerial surveys of the border areas. We need a fortified safe haven. No risks, keep your space thrusters running hot.

"Wait!" Scansweep and Gencom urged."

"What now?" Naegon asked impatiently.

"Transmission incoming," Scansweep and Gencom replied.

//This is a call to all Autobots. This is Cyfri, now second in command under Authorization 011001 Alpha Omega. Cyclescythe is now to be referred to as Prime. We are on route to the Badlands. There is significant cover and low population. Acknowledge yourself before approaching or you will be consider hostile.//

Naegon began to laugh like a fanatic.

"What is so funny" Scansweep and Gencom asked.

Naegon regained composure slowly,"Gencom, you have to admit. It is ironic."

Gencom momentarily became dominant as he was fused with Scansweep, "What is?"

"That a former young Decepticon created in the same facility as myself is now your stupid Prime," Naegon replied with another chuckle, "and that we are going down to meet him and taken orders from him."

Scansweep and Gencom were silent.

"I'll take your silence as a sign that you realize," Naegon continued, "Decepticons, we are going to make sure they get to the Badlands. We will make our stand there."

 Post subject: The Glory of Naegon!
PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:34 am 
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"So this is how its got to be," Naegon said with rage and glory.

Naegon's blade lit the entire sector; the current of power crackled in laughter. Naegon was the lion and this sword was his fang. There was no pacts with this destroyer of warriors. There were no deals. There was only a blind honor.

"Either I die or everything else does," the sword no longer seemed heavy. Naegon held the blade with one arm; the other had just been torn off and fed upon.

Naegon roared and the clouds parted. The ionic radition of his sword changed the atmospheric pressure. Everything was heavier now; it was hard to move.

The Eaters paused, completely surrounding the group of Autobots and Decepticons heading toward the Cybertronian Badlands. "Cyclescythe, there is a funny thing about life," he told the young Prime, "It is just a waking dream."

"How can this be real?" Naegon exclaimed with a wicked laughter, "I do believe I will end this nightmare that you must now escape. Your Decepticon mechanical fluid will give you a dream of a glorious world. You will make this dream yourself, or you do will not deserve it."

Prime could not do anything but stand in awe of the awesome might and will of this young Decepticon warrior standing in front of him. Naegon struck the ground as if he were the mighty God Thor unleashing the element lightning upon the world. Any Eater in the vicinity of the mighty force of power and current was incinerated in a matter of moments. "In the name of Primus, go!" Naegon roared.

The Autobot and Decepticon survivors transformed and rolled onward and through the path Naegon had created. "Glory be with you brother," Prime communicated to Naegon as he left with the others. The Eaters did not pursue. Naegon's power was bright light to a mouth. The Eaters thirsted for his power, his rich mechanical fluid.

"Slaughtering my world," Naegon began as he charged the incoming Eaters, "I am numb. I know how this feels. I won't become lifeless. I will step all over your dead."


"How can one single person contain that much power," Cyfri asked Prime as she road on his seat. The immense waves of powerful current could be seen hundreds of miles away.

"He is no longer one single being," Prime told Cyfri, "He has become Decepticon will itself; he has tapped into his very core, and he will use every stellar cycle he would have had left to live to prove that we only need to believe in ourselves to create our miracles. If we cannot live our lives as he saw fit to live, we do not deserve such miracles."

"You are starting to sound like a Decepticon again," Cyrfri told Prime.

"I am a Decepticon," Prime retorted, "and now I have to be more. I have to be able to become the will of Cybertron itself, Autobot and Decepticon. I have to make a better world, or I do not deserve to continue living."

Cyfri held onto Prime tight and focused her optics to keep an eye out for more Eaters. She realized that there was no going back to the entertainment business. As second in command, she had to learn become a warrior. She had to have will, and she had to believe.

Scansweep and Gencom were joined into a communications relaying jet; Airsyphon flew wing, and Dekton and Gigus plowed through wreckage below clearing the way to the Badlands.


The power crackled along the streets. There was a stalemate. The Eaters want Naegon, and Naegon would not be eaten.

"So maker," Naegon told himself as he continued to wipe away the power reserves of his life itself, "this is where we shall meet."

Echoes of thunder were waves of an undying ocean fury. Naegon was a living a weapon, a bomb.

The metal of the dead bent and cracked beneath his bleeding feet. Delirious, he could barely remember who he was. Like he said, this was just a waking dream.

The current and power of his sword first cooked one's insides, and the outside burst from the incredible pressure. He only knew here and now; that was all that seemed real. He still couldn't feel; he never would again.

His optics dimmed; he could barely see. He merely believed that his opponent was where he struck his sword, and the enemy was there and struck down.

Mechanical fluid began to harden on his chasis; it was colder than one could understand.

"Primus guide me."

The Eaters fell and more followed.

"Prime guide me."

The Eaters continued to fall and more replaced the fallen. Naegon continued to repeat himself. He was no longer a Decepticon, he was a wounded lion killing everthing in his way; he was ensuring the survival of his pride.

There was no end to this onslaught of the Eaters. "Slag you Primus," he roared to the heavens, "I will do this myself."

His fang roared with power, atmospheric pressure would not allow any movement at this moment. The sword entered his heart, the very core of his spark. The very atmosphere of the subsector went ablaze as the resulting explosion reduced everything inside to an ash filled crater.


Cyfri grabbed onto Prime as strongly as she could. The others grabbed onto something. The burning of the atmosphere resulted in a vacuum of atmosphere. The implosion pulled in an incredible amount of atmosphere to replace the vacuum. Great force pulled everything toward the crater. Miles of seperation from Naegon, and the others still felt the force.

Airsyphon, Scansweep, and Prime all turned to face the wrath once it had subsided. Each one personally saluted the glory of Naegon. "I can the borders!" Cyfri practically screamed, "We are almost to the Badlands!"


Distant and far passed the other side of the Badlands, limbs and pieces of young Decepticons began to rain. A behemoth dropped near a group of survivors. This was truely a monster. Torsos were in the places of limbs, mouths were in the places of hands, it had pieced itself back together from a collection of corpses. A monstrous mechanical tongue whipped and grappled the youngest of the group. The tongue penetrated the torso of the young Decepticon and began to drain energon and inject something at the same time. When finished, the tongue returned to the behemoth and the young Decepticon fell to the ground. Slowly, the young Decepticon rose and mutated. The young Eater picked his chest panel from the ground and tried to put it back on. The part was now useless. The young Eater sought out and killed another one of his former group. The young Eater ripped an arm off the other Decepticon. The young Eater placed the arm where his chest panel was, and the arm mutated and become functional. The young Eater than proceeded to lick the mechanical fluid off of the ground from the recent dead.

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