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Author:  Psycko [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Unapproved Character List

General Info
Name: (Your character's name)
Aliases: (Any other names your character is known by)
Faction: (Maximal, Predacon, Autobot, Decepticon, Vehicon, Technorganic, etc- even the occasional human or alien can show up)
Gender: (Male, female, or other?)
Height: (How tall your character is)
Theme: (If you have a badass song in mind for your character's theme, put it here)

Status: (Your character's legal status- Lawman, Freelancer, Civilian, or Criminal. Lawmen act fully by the book and are authorized by the greater colonies government. Bounty hunters are usually freelancers, acting on their own rules but watched closely by the law. Civilians do their jobs, mind their own business, and are advised to steer clear of all of this. Criminals, well, you can figure out what their deal is. If your character is a Criminal, add in here the two fields at the bottom of the CCD.)

(all stats go 1 to 10, with 1 being crappy and 10 being awesome, with a maximum stat total of 65)
Strength: (How physically strong your character is)
Speed: (How fast your character is, how quick on the draw)
Intelligence: (How smart your character is)
Firepower: (How much weaponry your character is carting around, and how powerful it is)
Aim: (How well your character can shoot. The fastest draw on the planet won't help if you can't hit the broad side of a battle cruiser.)
Courage: (How brave your character remains in the face of immediate danger.)
Toughness: (How much damage can your character take before they finally fall? This can extend to physical durability as well as plain old tenacity and endurance.)
Luck: (How lucky is your character? If they're on this board, probably not very.)

Robot Mode: (Describe how your character looks. If they're a modeless 'bot, this is all you need.)

Beast/Vehicle Mode: (Describe how your character's alternate mode looks. Include transformation if you like.)

(List your characters' weapons here. Even if you have a Firepower stat of 10, there are no super-tech weapons here- no pocket nukes, no EMPs, no area-of-effect fields. Bullets, blades, and blunt objects are the main armaments here; you'd be hard pressed to find the occasional railgun or plasma rifle.)

(List any non-combat items that your character uses to help them keep breaking necks and cashing checks. Medical kits, binoculars, musical instruments, a big jug of whiskey that powers 'em up like Popeye, whatever.)

Unique Traits
(Can your character climb walls? Bounce like a kangaroo? Spit acid? Blow up a balloon underwater? If your character has any special powers to speak of, put 'em here.)

(List the basic set of skills, combat and non-combat, that your character can employ. Check out Agent Rasp's skill list if you need some ideas, or just make some up. Stuff like Horse Riding or Small Weapons or Expert: Knives.)

(What's your character like? Motivations, aspirations, likes, dislikes, grudges, dreams, quirks. This is an important section and should have at least a couple of good paragraphs.)

(How'd your character get stuck on a crap colony world like Dustball? Describe their life, how they got to this point. Two or three paragraphs is fine, I'm not looking for a Greek epic.)

(Cool stuff your character has said in the past, or catch phrases of theirs.)

Known Crimes
(If your character is a criminal, and a badass enough one to have made the bounty list, then put down their crimes here. Grand Larceny, Murder, Kidnapping, Embezzlement, and so on. The greater the crimes, the greater the bounty.)

Current Reward For Capture: (Here put the amount of money your character is wanted for. Disaster, the worst terrorist in the colonies, is currently in the lead at half a million creds. Small-timers might be only a thousand or less, higher-ups could get all the way up to a hundred thousand or so.)

Author:  Pterascream [ Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I was reading over the character creation. I became confused. I think you forgot to rewrite the changes you made to the statistics. If I am correct, the following is what you had before.

STATISTICS: statistic total=55

I am just making sure if that will still be the norm. I am creating mooks and a villian at the moment.

Author:  Psycko [ Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Oh right, I didn't notice that. Yeah, the stat cap does still go to 55, the edit applies.

Author:  riboflavin [ Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

General Info
  • Name: Alice
  • Aliases: Cyan (A former alias, not known to be known in the colonies)
  • Faction: Maximal. Usually.
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 6' (including ears)
  • Theme: "I Drink Alone" - George Thorogood. When she was younger, it would've been some Ed music from Cowboy Bebop.
  • Voice Actress: Susan Sarandon
  • Status: Freelancer

  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 8
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Firepower: 6
  • Aim: 10
  • Courage: 4
  • Toughness: 6
  • Brawling: 9

Robot Mode: A slim femmebot on the short side, tough looking but not tomboyish. Mottled brown beast mode fur and dull, off-white metal blend her in with the desert and most other bots on Dustball. SHe's clearly a young adult, but has a world-weary, worn out look to her, with creases around her blue-green optics. Much of the time she's also clearly intoxicating, carrying a bottle or a cigarette or both.

Metal holsters are welded on to either hip, carrying her handguns. Grenades and a couple smaller holdout psitols are carried in various compartments, some of which came with her shell, and others cut out later. She carries a small leather backpack with her alcohol and cigarette supply. She tends to lose this pretty quick when action starts, but always manages to find it again eventually.

A small black device is mounted just below her neck, which can project a small, flat, holographic viewscreen in front of her.

The overall technology level of her body is much lower than her old one. Instead of a specialized transmetal shell, she's a standard beast warrior with some low budget garage parts mods - aside from the black holoprojector PDA, which isn't tech you see much out in the colonies.

Beast/Vehicle Mode: A jackrabbit with mottled tan, brown and white fur. Dust-colored, mostly. Oddly this is both a different species from the last beast mode she remembers having, and not native to the colonies.

  • Semi-automatic Pistols x2 - On the small side of caliber but the high end of quality by Dustball standards. Accurate, quick rate of fire, quick and easy to switch out clips (15 rounds to a clip, 10 extra clips in various body compartments, more clips and loose ammo in her pack. She doesn't skimp on stock.), built for reliability with minimum moving parts for a semi, so they jam up or overheat about as rarely as a gun can on this planet.
  • Grenades x5 - She used to paint her grenades like easter eggs. Doesn't bother anymore. 5 kept on hand, a few more cases in her pack.

  • "Ma" or "Mom" - Black PDA holo-projector mounted just below her neck. Voice activated. Capable of scanning all frequencies and decoding transmissions with basic or outdated encryption. Main use is for identifying marks. Wireless isn't always available, even in all the towns, so she downloads the latest Wanted posts whenever she gets to a UCCA office. She's convinced it was derived from some remnant of her old Lightspawn com device, or imprinted with Lightspeed's software and personality somehow, so she calls it "Ma". Retracts behind her outer armor when not in use.
  • Backpack - Leather backpack for ammo, grenades, booze and cigs. She loses it often, but it always turns up.

Unique Traits
  • Small Arms Combat - Alice is unnaturally skilled at "gun-fu" style combat, featuring acrobatics, precision, and heavy reliance on fast aim and trick shots.
  • Luck - Or maybe just crazy skill that looks unintentional, Alice is one of those few characters that actually took advantage of that old "Luck" stat.
  • Drunken Shootout-ing - Being drunk, as she very often is nowadays, diminishes her skills somewhat, but through a combination of luck, instinct, a large amount of remaining skill and occaisional moments of lucidity, she's nearly as effective a fighter while intoxicated. As in the "Drunken Master" style of martial arts, she can use her off-balanced-ness to lower her opponent's guard and put them off balance themselves.

  • Firearms: Handguns
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Special Forces style, emphasizing quick and precise strikes at weak points.
  • Firearms: Automatic
  • Tactics
  • Acrobatics
  • Negotiation
  • Universe-saving

Alice just doesn't care anymore. She's already saved the whole of creation, and by all rights ought to be dead for it, so what else is there to do? She doesn't know why she's still alive, or why she's on the podunkiest speck on a speck of a far flung colony there is, and, well, on this you might get her to admit some care or concern, but she's in no rush to find out the answer if there is one. Her guess is that if there's a reason, she'll eventually find it whether she wants it or not, and it won't be something pleasant. Pleasant things generally aren't what fate has in mind for her.

So, if I haven't mentioned it yet, her response to all this is to be a drunk. If she's not sloshed, she's hung over, trying to get re-sloshed, or actually just a little less sloshed than usual and hiding it well. Still, even falling down drunk she can still draw faster than you, shoot the pricker off a Cactili behind her back, and when she tries to punch you in the jaw she'll miss, but somehow manage to hit just the right fracture point to dislocate your shoulder instead. She's really frickin' annoying like that.

Alice likes cute things and has an offbeat sense of humor. That doesn't show as much lately due to her depression, but you might see it if liquor or a fight has put her in a good mood. She's always had a tendency not to take fighting seriously, due to being so naturally gifted and pre-programmed, in a sense, in it, and because she's just generally been kind of aloof. Things like having to save the greater universe were what used to give her focus. Now that's all gone. It makes for her not being such a reliable ally. Stalemates in particular bore her. If she's stuck in a foxhole, she'll break out a bottle. In a standoff, shoot first just to get it over with. Otherwise a tactically dull engagement where she feels unneeded, or doesn't care so much if she is, and she might just walk off randomly.

Besides all that, she operates solo. Ragtag bands of fighters are like boyfriends for her, and she's not ready for another relationship yet. Actual boyfriends, she's never had time for, and right now isn't so inclined towards. She'll hook up, but she's picky, and after ten drinks only marginally less so. Trying to take advantage of her is not advised, as several permanently disabled scumwads of Gildtown will readily attest.

Alice registered with the UCCA bounty office as a Maximal, but she'll flip insignias and command codes to Pred whenever it's convienient. Advanced signature scanners of both factions will raise red flags about her, since her new body doesn't have the masking tech her old one did. Fortunately, advanced signature scanning tech isn't too common on Dustball, either.

Alice seems to have a bit of an odd relationship with her holoscreen PDA. First off, she even has one, and a pretty damned advanced one for Dustball, and it even works pretty reliably except that the holoprojector component is a little fritzy and has to be cleaned often. To anyone who knows Alice's family, which is apparently no one on Dustball, it's black color plus yellow detailing, capability to hack just about any comm channel, data processing and advanced AI would scream of a certain Lightspeed. This may be why she calls it "Mom". It may also have to do with it's AI personality being obviously influenced by her mother. Alice believes it bears her spark imprint. Her mother was at the same climactic final battle she was, and she never saw whether anyone made it out alive, so, for all she knows, her little PDA is the last remnant of her mother's spark in the greater universe. So, though she didn't always get along with Mom, and still doesn't always, she's a mite bit attached.

Alice was among the later children of the Predacon mercenaries Lightspeed and Prism. Her actual father, though, was Jungle, and much of her spark was actually derived from a washed out Maximal Secret Police agent that Jungle trained. It was complicated. The whole thing started as an elaborate plot by someone in the MSP to plant a mole amoung the so-called "Lightspawn" family. The the plot actually succeeded in conceiving a child probably got someone promoted, but instead of Alice being a mole, she was totally loyal to her parents, and a child prodigy when it came to gunfighting and commando tactics. Fortunately for the MSP analyst whose brilliant idea this all was, Alice disappeared before she got old enough to cause much real damage.

The disappearance was due to a Time Shard compounded by a teleporter accident, and landed her in an parallel universe 200 years in the future on a space station being invaded by a techno-organic virus known as the Beast. From that moment through young adulthood, she was more or less constantly rolled up in quests to stop one or another existential threat to the universe(s). This culminated in a multiverse crisis and climactic battle against Cage, or rather the demigod posessing the body of a Predacon named Cage. Cage sought to dominate every plane of existence, physical, metaphysical or otherwise in all of creation, or (in the much more likely outcome) destroy them all trying. So that kinda needed to be put a stop to. Alice, now calling herself Cyan (she changed names and remodeled her shell several times due to too much notoriety. The low profile never stuck.), was at the forefront of this fight, and at the end sacrificed her life to destroy the Endless and heal the multiverse.

This is all to say, she didn't expect to wake up face down in the desert dust under the noonday sun that day. Waking up, period, wasn't on her agenda. She looked at her hand. Having one of those also didn't feel right. Also it was the wrong color. Definitely a new shell here. Actually, definitely a used shell. Standard parts, mechanic's tinkering, and seemed she was a jackrabbit now. She turned herself over, and looked around. No one to greet her. Just blue sky, scrub brush and dust. And a leather backpack next to her. Inside was water, rations and a bottle of whiskey. She opened the bottle.

Alice found her way to a town, and tried to get her bearings. She found that there was an overall shortage of bearings. Maybe it was all just sun-baked dream, and she'd really been some colonial nobody all along. Except she didn't remember a thing about that, and nobody recognized her or any of the various aliases she recalled having. Besides which, allowing for the shell downgrade all her fighting skills seemed as sharp as before. Maybe the Allspark had some purpose for her here. In which case, screw the Allspark. Ashen had at least left a damned message once in a while.

Anyways, there was an oversupply of bounties on this planet, so it seemed the natural way to make ends meet. Making ends meet meant being able to buy enough liquor so as not to have to deal with being sober. Boredom being one thing she can't stand, her wanderings naturally led her to Gildtown.

"Ehhh if it weren't for me you'd be dead. You'd all be dead!"

Author:  Psycko [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I've been looking forward to seeing how this app would come out. As I said before, I like the idea of having a key character from the CA continuity wind up here, completely lost and with nobody knowing who they are or what they're talking about. Alice can reference that she's saved the universe til sparks fly from her teeth, and she'd be correct, but nobody would get it. Hence the drinking!

I've been de-emphasizing the whole gun fu type stuff; okay, Sorrow's around, but other than him, we don't have many bullet-time types. But it works pretty well combined with Alice's intoxication, as a highly improbable Drunken Master gunfighting skill. She's been limited well, with even her one piece of advanced tech being finicky. My only concern is that, for her being clearly a Lawful Neutral type, that she'd pretty much wander away from the PCs at the first opportunity. But then, that can make for some interesting writing. What keeps all these divergent personalities together? Alice must discover something at some point that keeps her coming back.

I'd say she's approved. Post her to the list and then intro her when you see fit, or talk to me on IM about intro ideas.

Author:  Zevais [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Here is the Maximal version of my previously approved Autobot Ghost. I went with the mechanical skeleton horse beast mode, and I made emphasis on the personality, history and other parts that show he is bit more like Jonah Hex in personality than the modern day Ghost Riders... additions and subtractions. I removed an ability and weapon that I didn't feel were necessary. He should fit even more than before.
Name: Ghost
Alias: The Rider, Rider, Tormented
Faction: Maximal
Gender: Male
Height: 8 feet
Theme: Ghost Riders In The Sky by The Outlaws.
Voice Actor: Michael Wincott (villain from the movie, The Crow)

Legal Status: Freelance

Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Brawling: 7
Intelligence: 6
Firepower: 6
Aim: 5
Courage: 10
Toughness: 8

[Robot Mode]
Ghost's robot mode is an 8 foot horse-human skeleton, each bone bleach white. It appears like three skeletons were fused together into one; that is because there are at least three duplicates of each bone fused together into one. Pistons, gears, cylinders, springs, and other basic devices of mechanical movement line the inside of the skeleton. All of the mechanical parts have the appearance of rusted steel. The skull is shaped more like a horse's skull and has 64 small versions of railroad spikes lodged randomly over the surface of the skull, one for each human death at a human colony massacre. When Ghost speaks, the jaw of the skull does not move. The feet are horse hooves; the hooves are quite large and appear as a network of intertwined bone and metal wire that have the appearance of rusted steel. Ghost's right hand appears like the rest of the body, except there are only two, thick boney fingers and a thumb that can easily join into a hoof. Ghost's left hand is actually a mixture of bones and revolver parts; Ghost's left hand is essentially a giant revolver with a long Boeing knife sprouting from the bottom of the barrel where it meets the wrist. Mechanical gears and pistons replace muscle control that resemble rusted steel version of Terminator endoskeletons. Ghost wears a tattered shroud that the embodiment of Death would wear; well that would be true if Death washed his black shroud with a paste made out of water and steel rust.

[Beast Mode]
Ghost's beast mode has the same mechanical skeleton appearance as the robot mode, but there is very little human resemblance left after transformation. The skeletal design resembles that of an Earth-born horse. Ghost's hands transform fully into hooves. The horse skull retains the 64 small railroad spikes as the robot mode. Ghost's robot mode shroud seperates, folds and tapers into a harness and straps around his body into a style worn by horses in the old west.

[Long Bone] This is a double barrel shotgun that fires standard Cybertron issue shotgun rounds. The hilt appears to resemble the skull and neck bones of a horse. The doubled shaft appears like rusted steel forged into a segmented bone sort of texture. This weapon has high spread. The further you are, the less damage you will take. Close range would be quite nasty for an unarmored bot. Ghost has a bone-link belt that holds a total of 12 rounds; Ghost has to refill in town or from anyone that has standard Cybertron issue shotgun rounds after his 12 shells are up.

[Short Bone] This is a pistol that has a hilt handle that resembles the cartilage around the trachea and thyroid. The loading bay and barrel resemble a small ribcage and thick, hollow spine. There is a hair-trigger that appears like cartilage. The pistol fires rounds that are standard Cybertron issue size; however, the rounds look like human teeth and appear like rusted steel. Ghost can load six teeth at a time; Ghost has hundreds of these teeth stuck in various parts of his body. He has to manually shove each tooth into the base of the handle one by one.

[Vertebraek] This is twenty feet of thick, barbed vertebrae fused with wire and barbs that appear like rusted steel. Ghost is particularly skillful with this weapon. Vertebraek remains wrapped around Ghost's chest until needed.

[Clunk] Ghost's left hand is essentially a large revolver with a long boeing type knife that extends from his wrist quite passed the revolver part of his hand. There are six rounds before reloading from within his left arm: 3 seconds between reload. The bullets are three times as thick as standard Cybertron rounds for revolvers. The bullets can easily dent strong armor and could knock a light armored bot into stasis lock if hit in a quite vital area from close range.

[Rust Roses] At any scene of death, or wherever Ghost has witnessed a death, Ghost will leave behind a rose that appears like it is made out of rusted steel.

[Crude] Due to his body being repaired using more primitive mechanics by humans, Ghost has become more dependent on crude oil than energon instead of the usual reverse for Maximals.

Expert: Whips & Chains

Ghost is a wreck since his life was destroyed so long ago. Having lost who he was, he does not have much else but to hunt down those that do horrible things that he cannot bare to watch. Nothing will get in the way of Ghost defending innocence and making a nice corpse out of those criminals. Ghost makes them suffer appropriately, and he would sooner sacrifice himself than sit back and watch another young boy suffer as he had.

Any Maximal in any civilized place would be seeing psychological help or seek some shaman to explore their mystical awakening. Dustball isn't a civilized place, and everyone has enough problems of their own that led them to Dustball. Ghost buries it all in his mind, and he focuses on lending a helping hand when not torturing the wicked to death. Charity work is one of the few aspects of his former life that remain. Centuries relentlessly and diligently hunting down Novawing made him lose touch with society. He wouldn't even know how to socialize with an Maximal on a regular basis anymore, but he will try.

Ghost does go to the saloon and he makes small talk with those he lends a hand to. Most notice that he doesn't speak much beyond small talk. He does often go through bounties and ask others about new bounties. Ghost prefers to hunt down people that would do unspeakable, horrible things to others, but he will often find a personal excuse to capture other bounties; that seems to be less frequent. He collects the money, but he doesn't do it for the money. Ghost just uses the money for ammo, repairs, and some crude to help keep him going; he'd gladly take those things directly instead of the credits.

Ghost will wander out into the desert when the time is late, and he is not hunting someone. Some nights he weeps so loudly that all desert creatures steer clear of him. Most nights, he is so still that even the skittish Dune Rovers will pass him by or even rest nearby him. Even Ghost can never predict what each night will be like. Ghost will even admit that he doesn't know what’s left inside of the boy he was inside of the monster he has become.

One thing about Ghost remains the same everyday that he is not hunting. Every morning at dawn, he rides the desert. He splits the dunes and makes his way to town. He then often helps people out around town with small things that need an extra hand

It has been a long time since is was clear what Ghost used to be called. Everyone just knows him as Ghost. They know him as the tormented one riding to town each morning at dawn. Anyone that has seen him for a while, knows he spent the night in the desert reflecting. Ghost is known for helping people out around town with small things that need an extra hand. Ghost listens around town for people that have done horrible things, people that cause the sorts of tragedies he has experienced. If there is bounty involved, he has always done it for ammo, crude oil and repairs if they could give him that instead of credits. Only the people that have talked to him long enough have been able to piece together his entire story; he hasn't talked much about it.

Ghost is old, an aging Maximal. Ghost wasted the prime of his life hunting for revenge: time, so much time without any sign of regret.

Ghost was not always a monster. A young hotshot Maximal with a horse beast mode, Ghost was in love, and he reached out to help those in need. Kellion, his love, helped him discover an upstart human colony that was struggling to survive as they branched out from Earth. Several years went by, and Ghost helped the human colony of 100 thrive. There was a celebration with 64 humans present and Ghost with Kellion. The Prediconss used the celebration as an opportunity to raid. Novawing led a powerful wave of aerial Predaconss to take what they wanted. All 64 humans were quickly killed, Kellion died shortly after in defense of the humans. Damaged on the ground, Ghost looked at Novawing as he held his love, dead in his arms. "Nothing personal," Novawing told Ghost before Novawing made Ghost the final victim of the raid.

The Predacon weapons left only bones of the humans. Ghost's last moments were crawling over large pile of the bones. Ghost's internal nanites tried making repairs; however, there wasn't much of his body left and the nanites fused to all materials around. It was still too much for even nanites to repair. The remaining 36 human colonists did the best they could with their technology to repair Ghost. All of Ghost's most high-tech systems were replaced with basic machinery. Ghost became more dependant on crude oil than energon. The human most involved repairs, lost his entire family and decided to make Ghost into a reminder of the massacre; he used bones of his family and close ones in Ghost's new body. Ghost came back online, and paused as he witnessed the monster he had become. While Ghost was offline, Ghost dreamed of the Allspark and losing touch with his love once again since she remained with the Allspark.

Ghost reviewed the identities of every human that died; he drove a spike into his own head after he reviewed each human life, so his memory of each human would never fade from his mind. Ghost erased all purpose in his life besides one purpose, hunt down and make Novawing suffer. Being a pirate and a raider, Novawing was not an easy one to trace. Ghost spent centuries hunting down every Sweep in Novawing's wave, killing them and getting what information he could. The last sweep revealed that Novawing had just broken out of a Cocytus prison block out in the middle of the backyard of nothing where a couple little known colonies resided. Ghost was not deterred.

Ghost followed a trail of bounty hunters looking for Novawing, and Ghost found him first on Dustball, hiding. Novawing defeated Ghost several times by shear power. Ghost was not deterred; Ghost was relentless. Novawing's power storage and supplies dwindled as Ghost always found a way to come back and attack him. When Novawing used the last charge of his proton rifle, Ghost's less power intensive weapons where clearly the advantage on this Dustball. Ghost had Novawing at his mercy. Novawing as Ghost to end his misery. Ghost told Novawing, "I will make you a deal; pray for forgiveness for every spark you have ever extinguished. When your prayers have been answered, I will stop." Ghost made Novawing suffer 65 near deaths before Ghost finally allowed Novawing to expire in the middle of the desert. He had a laughter so loud that nearby Dune Rovers stampeded through the nearby desert. A local worker of the general store in Rotwood took notice of the stampede and found Ghost. Ghost was no longer laughing. He was crying. Ghost broke down and told the worker his story. In the end of the story, he told the worker, "You know a mentor once said that everyman has a devil, and you can't rest till you find him. I found my devil, and I killed him. That put a smile on my motionless face; who knows? I just might have became my own devil in that moment. I tell you one thang; I don't think I'll ever meet my angel ever again."

Ghost started helping out around Dustball whenever someone needed a hand. It was not long before he began noticing the bounties around. He began by taking on the bounties with the most cruel of crimes that disgusted him, but he often found some personal involvement with others. The bodies would often be drug right into the center of town, and he would go right back to helping people out without any sign of remorse, just a Rust Rose left with the corpse.

"I will make you a deal; pray for forgiveness for every spark you have ever extinguished. When your prayers have been answered, I will stop."

"I do not believe you cleared your act of foul aggression with me first."

"You know a mentor once said that everyman has a devil, and you can't rest till you find him. I found my devil, and I killed him. That put a smile on my motionless face; who knows? I just might have became my own devil in that moment. I tell you one thang; I don't think I'll ever meet my angel ever again."

Author:  Zevais [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Nothing has really changed about Versa except that I found a way to make a better 3-D render of her beast mode; so that, I could include all the scorpion legs. Four of her legs are now suspended on her back. Technically storywise... she is supposed to always have been this way. I just didn't render it that way til now. I thought it would be good to put this change here first to signal that I made the change.
Name: Versa
Aliases: Miss Scorpy
Faction: Predacon
Gender: Female
Height: 6'
Theme: The Wreckoning by Boomkat
Voice Actor: Angelina Jolie

Legal Status: Freelance

Strength: 5
Speed: 10
Brawling: 6
Intelligence: 6
Firepower: 7
Aim: 9
Courage: 7
Toughness: 5

[Robot Mode]
Versa's robot mode is quite feminine in appearance. She has a thin, curvy hourglass figure that only Barbie could appreciate: long legs, long arms, and a long neck. The entire body is made of a segmented coils with sharp ridged scales covering all of the segmented coils. The coils are powered by internal springs and pistons that used compressed air to give Versa her intense speed.

Her shins and feet are covered in armor that resembles the legs of her beast mode yet somewhat in the shape of short-heeled cowboy boots. Her forearms and hands are covered in similar armor as the legs. The hands have two fingers and one thumb that are long, clawed, highly segmented and extremely dexterous. The upper torso and shoulders are covered by large segmented scales that resemble the large segmented scales on the back and tail of the beast mode. The torso retains the shape of a large, ample bosom. The pelvis is covered with an armor similar to the chest except it is shaped like common women's panties with razor edges. Similar armor yet thinner line the spine down to just above the butt region where Versa's beast mode tail begins.

Four of her beast mode legs are suspended from her back. They are useful for striking, but they are not able to hold or grasp objects.

Design of Versa's robot mode head:

[Beast Mode]
Versa's beast mode is a six foot long scorpion with two front claws that is native to Dustball referred to as Dunestrike(plural and singular). The overall body has small, sharp ridged scales with large segmented scales over the back and tail. There are spikes near the tail's stinger, on the legs, and around the head which opens in all four directions. There are two claws designed for grasping and holding. The tail is 3/4 the length of the body.

Dunestrike lead an usual and unusual life. They burrow during dusk in the sand to keep warm during the cold nights. At dawn, they emerge from their burrows to bath in the sun; their large segmented scales are designed more for soaking sunlight than providing protection. Dunestrike use their warmed up muscles to quickly strike their prey, one of the largest Dustball creatures, Dune Rovers. They do not kill Dune Rovers; like vampire bats, they feed on just a small amount of a much larger creature. Dunestrike have to be quick because Dune Rovers are easily startled. They come up quick and strike with their stingers to break through a space between Dune Rover scales on the back of the feet. Quickly, the Dunestrike grab hold and bite a small chunk of flesh from the wound. Dune Rovers tend not to eat Dunestrike because of how much they are startled; however, Dunestrike are occasionally trampled in the confusion. If necessary, Dunestrike may eat smaller animals; in addition, they must burrow for desert tubers for a source of fiber to keep their digestive track healthy. Dunestrike are unusually social with their young, carrying them around and cleaning them; however, they constantly spar with other adults. Males bring the females gifts of Dune Rover chunks to impress females for mating rituals. Dunestrike molt once a year during rare rainstorms. The soft-bodied Dunestrike are considered a tasty meal to large predators. Dunestrike stretch and are constantly on the move until their new exoskeletons dry and thus harden. Dunestrike often roll in sand and rub against rocks during the molting to sharpen their exoskeletons before hardening.

Versa wears several dozen black leather-like buckled straps that cover her robot and beast mode. The straps hold her knives and smoke canisters.

Versa's fingertips end in dense, sharp claws. More painful than penetrating; only light armored individuals would suffer.

[Griffyn Dagger]
Versa uses this dagger when she is in the situation to mercifully or honorably finish off an individual. The dagger is reserved for that purpose only. The method is very ritual to her; one must be worthy enough to earn death from this blade.

[Jackal Dagger]
Versa uses this in a thrust to the gut sort of situation within close quarters when throwing knives are out of the question. Penetrates most armor.

[Hells Razor]
Though this razor could potentially be used as a weapon, Versa reserves it for symbolic purposes like carving and shaping materials. This is the blade that she sharpens most often.

[Saber Daggers]
These are two special purpose daggers that serve more defensive blocking techniques than offensive-especially good for catching the edge/side of a cliff/etc.

[Throwing Knives]
Penetrate most armor when Versa can put all her speed, aim, and strength into a precise and accurate throw-especially wounding at close range.

[Bolas & Net]
Vee's hands can bend forward and latch onto the inner side of her forearms. Openings are left where the hands were revealing a cylindrical device that matches her color scheme. These devices shoot either a bola made of three interconnecting metal ropes with heavy bearings at each end or a square metal net with heavy bearings on each end. The bearings are hard and heavy enough to dent light armor upon impact.

[Smoke Canisters]
This is a small version of the average gas grenade. Instead of tear gas, you are shrouded in the typical ninja special effects smoke that effectively prevents normal vision. It will dissipate shortly in open air and effectively stick around inside of somewhere with no ventilation.

[Tail Stinger]
The tail is segmented, 3/4 the length of Vee's body and powered by the movement of pistons and compressed air through springs. The tail is designed to strike in such a way to allow the dense and sharp stinger to penetrate strong armor. None-to-Light armor would receive a decent sized hole. Average armor would just have the stinger enter and leave an average sized wound and some sizable pain. Strong armors would only have penetration of the outer armor with a wound that is not serious.

Dense handcuffs designed to have a dense wiring wrapped into two thick cords rather than chain links. The cuffs also only have two keys, Versa's pointer fingers. Versa has 6 pairs. 5 of the 6 are just a basic light color that matches her body; one special pair is wrapped with leopard print furry stuff. Handcuffs have many known uses ... if you still wonder, use your imagination ... nuff said.

[Smoke Filter]
Versa has a filter that prevents her from inhaling smoke preventing anything harmful to the organic components of her body.

[Stone Sharpeners]
Stones designed for the sharpening of blades. Versa will often use these sharpeners in her off-time.

Burrowing: This is a skill restricted to beast mode. Speed based-Versa will need material loose/soft enough to claw without high strength. The skill is restricted to defense unless someone gives her explosives to plant or someone like a guard is standing still over an area for quite some time to allow her to dig out from underneath-some sort of preplanned action not for on the fly.

Expert: Knife Handling
Expert: Knife Throwing
General Non-Expert Netting Skill
General Non-Expert Bola Skill
Survival: Desert -Restricted to beast mode due to the inherited nature of the beast.
Trapping - skill most effective in the following environments: desert, plains, forest, and jungle

Versa the go-get-girl for keeping your bounty alive. There is often more challenge in bringing back a live individual. She has never had to kill a bounty. Hit and run, she speeds here and there cutting her target until the target is wounded enough to bola and net. Versa has a preference to knives; guns are too sloppy, loud, and generally unpleasant to her. That does not mean when the time is necessary that she won't use someone else's gun on them to save herself.

Versa has an immense pride, Predacon Pride. She is stubborn and self righteous. She would quicker side with an honorable Maximal in order to rid the world of the scum of Predacons than protect the scum. She respects law and order and dictates organized crime, especially the unorganized sort. Reputation means a lot to her; it is unlikely that she would refuse a challenge. She would rather lose with dignity than walk away a coward. In defeat, she always compliments her opponents but informs them that there will be a future challenge that she win. She always intends to.

The quickest way to gain her loyalty is to lose a challenge to her with dignity. She does not like to accept that people cannot handle their own situations; unless of course, there is someone without honor, taking advantages. Beating her honorably will earn her respect; however, she will always be looking for the opportunity to honorably defeat you in return. That can be a double edged sword for anyone trying to gain her assistance. She is often looking to seek work and get paid for it anyhow; additionally, she does not sign up for too many jobs that do not begin or end in a bounty.

Knives are her passion, and she takes care of them as if they were her own fingers. She sharpens and organizes her blades during most free moments.

Versa is the queen of the quick fix in the social environment. She likes her drinks hard and stiff, to the point. She has no attention for a relationship. When she wants her sensual fix, she will make it very clear to the male and practically drag him to the bedroom, willing or not. She has no interest in any male that tries to have any word in that situation. If they are dark and moody, too talkative, anally mysterious, practical jokers, too intelligent, or needy, Versa won't bother being sensual with them. She is rough and has to stay in control; if the male does not agree, they can just leave.

She switches gears for bounty hunting. She becomes patient, stalking her prey. She strikes quickly only when she knows the time is right. She becomes serious and focused.

Life has become something of ritual preservation to Versa due to the losses she suffered when she was young. Life is to be respected and not corrupted. A life should only be taken in honor is a common motto of Versa. When she grants one death, she does it in a ritualistic manner to Primus in order to present the extinguished spark properly to the afterlife. Versa will go an extra length ritually with her Griffyn Dagger for those deserving of a greatly honorable death.

Versa carries over her ritualistic nature into art. Versa often carves symbols of honor, death, and life into materials like wood and ceramics. Sometimes she carves three dimensional sculptures of the same theme. This usually occurs between blade sharpenings and during times when Versa is greatly engrossed in nothing whatsoever.

Everyone Versa cared about were slaughtered by criminals during her youth. It was a group of honor bound Predacon Militia that rescued her and cleansed her Hub from a mob lord. Taken by the militia, Versa learned quickly the difference between scum and the honorable. She was taught to respect justice, which led to train in how to bring criminals to prison alive to face their crimes, even if it was often a guaranteed death sentence anyhow in those Predacon Courts.

It was an up-hill battle cleaning up the scum, mobs, gangs, and dishonorable thugs of Predacon Hubs on Cybertron. Her militia never stopped trying. It was only a matter of time before they took down the wrong criminal with too ties to the elite and power base of the Predacon military. Versa became too high profile for her own good. She made Predacon police look bad and exposed corruption in places that had too many ties to those in power.

Versa had to be shuffled off without drawing too much attention to her disappearance. It was decided by the Predacon majority that her militia be sent to accompany the colonists to ensure their security. The Predacon majority made assurances that refusal would appear dishonorable and cowardly. Versa had little personal choice in the matter; she left Cybertron behind her.

Versa was never the leader type; she never led the militia, just actively participated if you know what I mean. Having everyone you cared about slaughtered as a young person limits one's ability to be social in the right manner to recuit and lead organized groups, even if the militias rarely had a head-count larger than twenty or even ten. Time passed, and the colonists had increasingly less need for a protective militia; there were only fifteen original militia that dwindled to nine in the chaotic early days and to six before they split up. Versa's militia eventually split into private bounty hunters to preserve the peace and remove criminal corruption. She did not have much authority, so there was not much she could do to prevent everyone from going their own ways.

"I get it. You are tall, dark and scary. Move on to the next bimbo unless you have vested interest in getting parts of your anatomy slowly circumcised."

Author:  Psycko [ Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Hey Zevais, good to have you back. Let me just say, you didn't really need to repost Versa here- she's already approved, the only change being that sweet new render job. Put her up on approved, and feel free to come up with some sort of post regarding what she's been up to. She's got some credits to spend and a glitzy town full of sinful pleasures to putz around in.

As for Ghost- I like this version much better. He's still got a little bit of that Ghost Rider vibe, but the change from motorcycle to horse makes it less overt, to me. He's a very dark character, and I'm honestly curious to see what sort of an arc you'll have in mind for him. Every character on this board has a journey to make, but Ghost's history almost makes it seem like his is finished- having found his devil already. Will he start to venture back into the light, or remain a creepy killer? I'm a little more of a fan, now. Ghost is APPROVED, you can have him ride into town any time you like, or be there already doing some light work.

Author:  riboflavin [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Endoscan

Posting this as a work in progress. Personality needs added, and history needs more fleshing out though I've got the key points there.
General Info
  • Name: Dr. Endoscan
  • Aliases: Bluewing, Dr. Swiftfix, De-con
  • Faction: Maximal.
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 7'
  • Theme:

Status: Criminal


  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Firepower: 9
  • Aim: 3
  • Courage: 8
  • Toughness: 5
  • Brawling: 6

Robot Mode:
Endoscan is immediately recognizable as medical bot. If his white, red and blue coloration don't give it away, there are the red medical symbols on his helmet crest, chest, back and arms. Furthermore, his optics are of the sort that you rarely see outside a hospital. It is a goggle-shaped visor, flanked by small headlights, small scanners and two targeting lasers. His beast mode beak, just below the visor, prompts the occaisional big nose joke, but it serves a practical purpose by flipping down to become a surgical mask.

It's also obvious that he was built on Cybertron, and as one of the fancy models to boot. He was designed essentially as a small mobile clinic, able to be fitted for general medicine, field medic duty, or practically any specialty. His body is functional but elegant, featuring several integrated add-ons (such as the goggles) and compartments. Being a surgeon, and one on the run at that, Endoscan makes full use of these. Thus he's not as sturdy as an up-armored combat medic model, but since it's the same basic chasis he can take more punishment than you'd expect.

He is of average size and has a runner's build, including the double knee-d leg structure typical of birds and their sauriscian relatives. His beast mode wings and feathers are mostly tucked away on his back. The wings can be extended for gliding, but he has to transform for true flight.

The other thing bots notice right away about Endoscan is that he's clean. Shiny, dust-free clean. On Dustball that means one of two things: Fresh off the ship, and doesn't realize that hygene is a lost cause here; Or, a total OCD nut job. Endoscan is a little bit of both.
Beast/Vehicle Mode:
( -- larger -- )
A species of tree swallow from the warmer regions of Westbrook, superficially similar to the Lesser Striped Swallow of Earth, pictured above. A fairly typical bird form, with a wide, short beak, short legs adapted for perching, and large wings. The swallow is adapted for catching insects in flight under the forest canopy, and so is very swift and maneuverable in the air. The doctor chose this beast mode for speed in responding to emergencies. His beast mode head is red, he is blue and black on the wings and back, and white with some black striping on the underbelly.

  • EMP Ray - Similar to that used by Ratchet on TF:Animated, fires a conical EMP pulse in front of the user. 5 yard range. Shuts down all electical systems for roughly 20 nanoclicks.
  • Autobot Surgical Knife - 3ft single edged blade. Blade edge curves towards the tip to meet the straight back. Blade is very sharp on its own, but when energon charged will cut thick armor like butter.
    Energon charging has high power consumption and is best used sparingly, though. The handle is 2 ft long, offset from the back of the blade, and has several grip and extension options for optimizing precision, leverage and fit to the doctor's hand.
    Most of these options are irrelevant to combat, save for the handlebar extension over the back of the blade, which can be used for additional leverage and to block incoming strikes. The blade itself is very thin, and
    not at all designed for fencing, so it is ill suited to parrying blows, and in fact attempting to use it for that is more likely to damage the knife than anything. On the other hand, with the right angle, and in some cases an energon charge,
    the knife is quite capable of slicing other weapons in half.
  • Submachine Pistol - A light submachine gun, a little bit longer and bigger than a normal pistol but about the same weight. Rapid autofire, 20 rounds to a clip. If it weren't for the doctor's decontamination chamber, this weapon wouldn't last three clips on Dustball. Lest you doubt its functionality, it has a polished aluminum finish that gleams even more spotless than Endoscan's outer shell. Stored in his decontamination chamber.


  • Surgical tools: Magneto-manipulator, micro forcefield generator, precision laser welder, small gas welder, suction tube, soldering iron, stitch struts, numerous pliers and scalpels.
  • Internal Probes: A small thin wire extends from his wrist and can be treaded into a bot's insides. Tiny probes and tools crawl up and down the wire to scan and work on a bot's delicate, hard to get to insides.
  • Medical Scanning Visor: Magnifies and scans at close range, and can peer into the inner workings of a machine or organic using various technologies. Also features headlights and close range laser sights for use during surgery.
  • Decontamination Chamber: A breadbox sized compartment in his gut, this is a thorough cleaning and decon chamber. Intended for cleaning and sterilizing surgical tools under field conditions, it also works on other small tools machines, such as guns.
  • Hooded Lab Coat: Worn outdoors for dust protection.
  • Inflatable Tent: Clear plastic tent that self-inflates, big enough to hold him and a large sized bot. Used to protect from the elements on outdoor field repairs. Totally un-bulletproof though, so maybe not the best for in combat.

Unique Traits
  • Surgery - Dr. Endoscan is among the best surgeons in the colonies, and in the high ranks of Cybertronian surgeons as a whole.
  • Quick strike - Though not combat trained, and barely competent with firearms, Endoscan's hands, feet and wings are all very fast and precise, he has expert knowledge of Cybertronian anatomy, and he carries numerous sharp implements on his body.
  • Medical: Surgery (Cybertronian)
  • Technology: Medical (Cybertronian)
  • Emergency Response
  • Expert: Nanotechnology
  • Lockpicking, disabling security devices (carried over from the above)


Quick stand-in sumary: Formerly a top surgeon at the colonies' largest hospital, based in Westbrook. He was engaged to a Predacon nanotech researcher who originally came to the colonies by way of Pralss. Of course, her research was entirely ethical and.. yeah. She's in Cocytus now. The only reason she's not dead is that Endoscan removed her memory core and hid it someplace before she turned herself in. He wiped the hiding place from his own memory, too, though there must be some sort of recall trigger. His goal now is to break her out of Cocytus, while avoiding the UCCA, PSP and bounty hunters. For that, he needs credits, resources, accomplices and a plan. So far, by stealing everything he could from the hospital and illegally installing some of it in a few bots (including a member of Disaster's gang, but it was all done through a fixer and hired help so he doesn't know anybody), he's got some creds, but not nearly enough.


Known Crimes
Grand Larceny, Performance of Illegal Shell Modification, Practicing medicine without a license (license revoked), Aiding and Abetting known Criminals. Also wanted as a material witness.

Current Reward For Capture: 60,000 creds (hmm.. out of whack with the crimes, just a bit. Think somebody really wants that memory core?)

Author:  Zevais [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Name: Creeper
Aliases: Creep, Creeps
Faction: Predacon
Gender: Male
  • Height: 8'
  • Length: 12'
Theme Song: "Meet the Creeper" by Rob Zombie
Voice Actor: Vincent Price, the well-known actor from early horror movie days, whom starred in the hit Omega Man.

Legal Status
  • Criminal

  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 7
  • Brawling: 7
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Firepower: 9
  • Aim: 7
  • Courage: 2
  • Toughness: 7

Beast Mode
    >>Click Here For Larger Picture<<
    Creeper usually remains in his beast mode of a tropical extraterrestrial spider that is blue, yellow green, and orange in color. The front legs and pedipalps have evolved into arms with five-fingered hands in this species. The feet of each of the six remaining legs can be used as three-fingereds hands as well. Radio transmitters and recievers are implanted over much of the body; many appear as mechanical bolts. The opisthosoma (abdomen) of the beast mode as been modified mechanically to carry explosives and Creeper's mechanical swarm. A cooling unit is located at the base of abdomen to regulate the temperature of volatile explosive materials. Two three-clawed grappling hooks are implanted at the rear of the abdomen. Mechanical, circular red optics replace the eyes of the beast mode.

Robot Mode
    Creeper does not transform into robot mode often; he has no need to unless he wishes to multitask with even more arms. When he does, his cephalothorax (head) region collapses into a chest while a standard Predacon head emerges with spidery attributes and 6 small green optics. He still has the four arms from his beast mode, but four of his legs are now extra arms attached to his back. The legs can easily slide back down to be used as extra legs if the need arose.

  • Creeper's swarm consists of insects and arachnids that are created from organic and mechanical parts of dead beast warrior transformers and severed limbs. Each one looks like a an average spider, scorpion, beetle, scarab, dragonfly, praying mantis, butterfly, etc; except that, you will see entire sections of the bodies being made of small mechanical parts like gears and switches.
    Individually, they are not much more deadly than their living organic counterparts. As a swarm, the insect's mechanical mandibles wear down and chew through any armor over time. Creeper reserves a 10 gallons worth of volume to store his swarm (standard volume of large trash containers). The insects are not self-aware, and they operate using quartz mechanisms and crude fuel. The insects require Creeper's constant radio transmisions to keep them operational.

Explosive Canisters
    On Cybertron, Creeper's explosives would have been more advanced, but such detail and resources are too costly for Creeper to maintain and restock on dustball. Creeper has two different canisters: the first explodes on impact, and the second uses a spring mechanism to detonate seconds after impact. Creeper carries 24 canisters; 18 are preloaded while 6 are left empty in case he finds better materials to make better explosives. The canisters may be filled with the following:
  • All materials can be found and mined from deserts and desert animals; I can provide lengthy exact details for anyone that requests.
  • napalm facsimile: usually oil/tar base possibly combined or replaced by animal/plant fat/oil
  • standard grenade materials
  • thermite
  • smoke release (usually an oxidizer/fuel-sugar/temperature moderant/colored dye mixture)
  • flares
  • concussion grenade (causes shockwave rather than normal grenade explosion)
  • low grade grenade filled with sharp pieces of metal that causes twice the amount of shrapnel

Pistol Palms
  • Cylindrical pistol barrels can extend from each of Creeper's hands/feet. They fire standard rounds at the rate of a standard military automatic pistol.

Grappling Hooks
  • These grappling hooks are implanted at the rear of Creeper's abdomen. Each hook can pull twice Creeper's weight over the distance of a football field.

Radio Implants
  • These mechanical implants allow Creeper to control his swarm using radio signals. The range is only a few miles, and sources that normally interfere with radio signals will interfere with his control. He cannot operate the swarm outside on the surface of Dustball if he is underground, in a tunnel/cave/etc, or buried a few feet under.

Abdomen Storage
  • Creeper's rear section has been mechanically altered to be used as storage space for explosives and his Swarm with a cooling unit at the base that uses small fans and common refrigeration and air conditioning freon.

  • Acrobatics
      Spider Agility
  • Demolitions
  • Explosives
  • MacGuyver
      If MacGuyver can do it, Creeper can. (MacGuyver had a Ph.D in Physics)
  • Mechanics
  • Science

    Creeper is not the glorious warrior sort of Predacon. Creeper would rather pick off enemies from a distance than ever fighting anyone close. Creeper is at heart, a coward. Creeper does not want to risk his own skin one bit. Fighiting is not Creeper's forte; he enjoys bombarding people from a distance, but he is not honorable and not the proud warrior type. He does not see the overall benefit of having any sort of animosity toward any group of people.

    Creeper has no particular animosity towards the Maximals as a whole or any other group; everyone is opportunity for him to blow up someone, and he cares more about the money than faction wars. Creeper is easy to win over if you have the credits to afford him; he is more interested in building explosives and laboratories to keep himself occupied. Selling weapons he has created and designed to the highest bidder has even gotten him into the trouble that resulted in his exile to Dustball.

    Creeper still appreciates the Predacon way of life. There is no way he could fit into Maximal society, and he would not want to. He is more comfortable around Predacons and the hostile sorts that appreciate his need to blow things up. Most Maximals just don't understand his fixation with watching people come apart on slow motion film.

    Creeper is cowardly, so he does not like overbearing people. People that get too close to him and in his face make him nervous... even moreso after being captured by the Purification. Even patting his back or leaning on his shoulder bothers Creeper. Creeper prefers to deal with people at a distance. He would rather not be bothered by people that are not paying him to use his time. He hates people looking over his shoulder, but he can bare short visits and appreciates interest in his work as long as people do not become annoying and touchy. He takes pride in his work, and he is not satisfied with sub-par product; he will get very irritated if he is being rushed. Creeper enjoys the respect he gets from others for making reliable, effective weapons.

    Creeper loses his temper easily, but he dislikes confrontation even more. You'll here him grumble, snicker, growl, and walk away bitter a lot more than he will ever lash out. Drinking will often give him a false courage, so he has made it a habit on Dustball. Creeper keeps track of his intake though, he always wants to remain capable of thinking clearly and being able to design above-par explosives.

    Greed and pride are sins that Creeper cannot escape. The two sins often blind him to the reality of his situation until it is too late for him to escape his problems. Drinking doesn't help, neither do wanted criminals that happen to have enough money on hand to bribe him. Creeper's last option is the face his problems and face his enemies; he will run away if he can... at least until he is out of range of close combat, and he can start throwing his bombs and Swarm again. Even though Creeper lacks skill in close combat; he is not weak nor slow, and he has many arms to hit you with... and each hand/foot can sprout a automatic pistol barrel. He will defend himself if cornered and cannot get away; he would just rather not be harmed.

    Speaking of his Swarm, building small mechanical creatures seem to be a relatively new hobby for him. He often has to lay low and be inconspicuous on Dustball; he needed to do something in his spare time. Grave robbing the dead bodies of beast warriors, he uses their bodies to create small insects and arachnids that operate using crude fuel and desert quartz to operate their mechanical parts. These mechanical bugs are constantly moving around his lab in Undertown while he works, sometimes even interacting with other bugs. If someone asks him about it, he just tells them, "What did you expect? My name is Creeper afterall."

    Lastly... personal relations... Creeper is heterosexual, and he often has to settle for the brothels to relieve his frustrations. He has never had a real relationship. He doesn't like to be bothered. He is a bug, and mechanical bugs surround him and follow him. His name is Creeper. He enjoys watching people getting violently dismembered by explosives. He prefers women that have his own interests and insectile/arachnid beast modes. Even if Creeper found a woman willing to put all his disgustingness aside and follow his interests, it is doubtful that Creeper would find the courage to approach her and court her. Luckily, there are plenty of brothels with females willing to pretend to be whatever he wants them to be.

    The brothel is probably the best place to ambush Creeper since his guard is down, but you won't find him there often... just when his frustrations have gotten the best of him. He will spend most of his time in the lab in Undertown, the worst possible place to ambush him.

    Creeper recieved higher education from a young age and attended prestigious Predacon universities. Skill in physics and chemistries led him to a career in designing and manufacturing explosives and other weapons for demolitions and military use. Creeper had a contract with the Predacon military.

    Creeper did not see much combat, and he never took combat training. He always managed to stay behind the action and deploy his explosives and weapons from a distance. He was never able to hold up well in close quarters combat. Still, this served him well for many stellar cycles. Overconfidence got the best of him.

    Creeper left Cybertron to meet with a supplier on Earth after recieving alarming intel reguarding the supplier; the planet had some unique resources that Creeper had a preference for. Once on Earth, the terrorist group, Purification, captured, detained, and interrogated Creeper. Creepy was later freed thanks to mercenary leaders, Lightspeed and Prism. A few stellar cycles passed, and his time under their leadship was no longer necessary. Creeper returned to his contract with the Predacon military and took a new beast mode in order to conceal his idenity from terrorist groups such as the Purification.

    Creeper was eventually caught distributing weapons to enemies of the Predacon military for extra credits on the side. The military tracked the credits he had been embezzeling for some time. Creeper was exiled from Predacon territory, and Maximal territory would have tried to bring him up on charges of war crime. Creeper was on a transport to the colonies when he discovered that he had lost access to his credit account. Lacking funds, he had to exit the transport when it arrived on Dustball.

    Creeper's talent and skill in creating and designing explosives and other weapons made him a commodity to the criminal element of Dustball. At first, he made explosives and weapons to earn credits to get off of Dustball. Time passed, and he realized he was making himself rich on the planet without having to worry about any government tracking his credits and actions; he was easily able to pay off most government representatives if they ever found him.

    Greed has consumed Creeper, and he has earned a solid place of respect as a weapons supplier and designer within Undertown on Dustball.

  • "Sometimes I feel as if I'd be better off dead. No... wait. Not me, you."
  • "What did you expect? My name is Creeper afterall."

  • assault with a deadly weapon
  • aiding known criminals
  • distributing explosives and weapons to known criminals
  • grave robbery
  • kidnapping
  • murder
  • resisting arrest
  • unlicensed production of explosives
  • unlicensed use of explosives
  • unlicensed weapon sales
  • violating probation

  • 25,000 credits

    A large cave was renovated by Creeper's patrons in Undertown in order for Creeper to continue doing his work. The cave lies on the wall-face near the ceiling of Undertown... which is preferred because of downdraft and the heat and impact resistant clay and dirt.. The cave is not accessable to people that cannot fly, climb wall-faces, or Hulk/Mutant Toad-scale jumping abilities. A radio transmitter is fixed to the ceiling of the lab; this transmitter provides enough control to Creeper's mechanical bugs to allow them to keep his place neat and tidy or to crawl all over people that try to enter when Creeper is not their... they won't attack, but would you want mechanical bugs crawling all over you? Creeper's immediate neighbors are most of his patrons, so they keep an eye out to protect their own investment. Most of Creeper's bombs and weapons are still in the assembly process if they remain in his lab, so most are not willing to risk setting them off by trying to disturb the place. Creeper doesn't have any personal things or deep secrets; as a result, the lab stays open without doors to help vent fumes and smoke. When Creeper is in the lab, he turns off the ceiling transmitter and controls the mechanical bugs himself; he lets them creep around as their organic counterparts would. They would be like pets if he didn't consider them a hobby and disposable. There are three tap-sized pipelines to his lab that tap into local reserves or steal from other pipelines to natural gas, crude, and water to run his equipment. There is a weekly shipment of desert quartz by a criminal that doubles as an errand boy. Creeper's setup isn't high tech anymore because of his location, the supplies are makeshift and no more high tech than you would would find in a chemistry labs in good universities.

Author:  Zevais [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Endoscan

riboflavin wrote:

  • EMP Ray - Similar to that used by Ratchet on TF:Animated, fires a conical EMP pulse in front of the user. 5 yard range. Shuts down all electical systems for roughly 20 nanoclicks.

Ribo, I think Psycko explicitly told us in the original version of the Metal Frontier CCD that he didn't want this sort of thing... anything that has an area of effect kind of thing going on. I remember removing those sort of devices from Versa's CCD when I altered it from Vee's CCD for that very reason. I think a mechanical static electricity device would work along the same lines by overloading electrical systems. I think that might be more comfortable since there are unshielded transformers that aren't beast warriors around also.

riboflavin wrote:

  • Surgical tools: Magneto-manipulator, micro forcefield generator, precision laser welder, small gas welder, suction tube, soldering iron, stitch struts, numerous pliers and scalpels.

I think Psycko was against forcefield generators too even if they are smaller. I think a good, old school surgeon techniques would be more interesting on this board anyhow. To contain the fields and even the magneto-manipulator, would be be power intensive in small scale and difficult to maintain with sand particles in the equipment; they would probably require him to consume a lot of energon if used enough... that might be something to add to personality, stopping by the bars to fill up on energon drinks often. I do think the manpulator could be kewl in small usage as well.


Psycko wrote:
(List your characters' weapons here. Even if you have a Firepower stat of 10, there are no super-tech weapons here- no pocket nukes, no EMPs, no area-of-effect fields. Bullets, blades, and blunt objects are the main armaments here; you'd be hard pressed to find the occasional railgun or plasma rifle.)

(List any non-combat items that your character uses to help them keep breaking necks and cashing checks. Medical kits, binoculars, musical instruments, a big jug of whiskey that powers 'em up like Popeye, whatever.)

I found the original text.

Author:  riboflavin [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Hrmm, that text is pretty specific on the no EMPs or area effects, though it is a small area. Perhaps something similar that requires direct contact? Or there's always drugs. But electrical shutdown just makes more sense as robot anesthesia than drugs.

The forcefield isn't a big deal if it goes, but I had it envisioned as being very small. Two prongs that make a couple square inch field between them at most. It's a weak field too, meant to stop bleeding and electrical impulses but not solids. In fact, going through solids without harming them is its main advantage over a plain old bandage.

The magneto-manipulator sounds fancier than it is. It's just electromagnets, arranged for grabbing and moving small objects in tight spaces. Like for removing bullets.

As I said, the app is a work in progress. One thing that's not in there yet, other than the decon chamber (which probably needs some elaboration), is the amount of cleaning supplies and equipment he has just to keep all his other equipment clean and running. Endoscan is doggedly, perhaps naively, determined to maintain his sanitation and technology to proper medical standards. If he ever finds himself stranded in the desert, well then he's going to have some tough choices to make, but so far he hasn't.

While we're at it, $100k for Creeper seems kinda steep.
Disaster, the worst terrorist in the colonies, is currently in the lead at half a million creds. Small-timers might be only a thousand or less, higher-ups could get all the way up to a hundred thousand or so.

Major bomb supplier and a Predacon military fugitive gets him up there, but he doesn't sound like a kingpin or anything.

With Endoscan, I was trying to subtly imply that 60k is actually way out of whack with what his actual offenses are. The whole Dead Batteries Gang, wanted for numerous robberies and murders, was only 6k as I recall. Uh, 6k each? Point being he'd be worth less than them, if it weren't for what certain authorities think he knows. Ah, I should also mention on there that the bounty is only good if he's alive.

Author:  Zevais [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

riboflavin wrote:
While we're at it, $100k for Creeper seems kinda steep.

Thanks Ribo, that was actually a typo. I was creating a CCD using another CCD that I haven't shared. I forgot to change the bounty. It was supposed to be 25,000.

As for the EMP, I think Psycko just wanted to keep fights going instead of being able to take someone out with one device quickly and easily. EMP just doesn't seem very Frontier-ish. Some sort of device the mechanically causes a lot of static electricity could overload motor control, and it has a more primitive mechanical feel. Drugs can work too now that you mention it. I think transformer drugs are just modified healing nanites that are in the bodies normally. I am sure there is a sedative version that could make a bot sluggish and offline after a very large dosage.

Author:  riboflavin [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I'm thinking on it. For this character I am going for a fish out of water vibe, so that's partly why he's not taken to the whole frontier medicine thing. Specifically with static electricity I'd think that'd risk circuit damage too much to be used medically unless there was absolutely no other alternative.

Author:  Zevais [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

riboflavin wrote:
I'm thinking on it. For this character I am going for a fish out of water vibe, so that's partly why he's not taken to the whole frontier medicine thing. Specifically with static electricity I'd think that'd risk circuit damage too much to be used medically unless there was absolutely no other alternative.

Used improperly, the electric thing could be damaging. Then again, you listed the EMP as a weapon and not as equipment. The question then becomes whether this is a piece of equipment or a weapon. I think drugs or static electricity or whatever I haven't even thought of would be more appropriate weapons. A localized EMP would be good for equipment in a non-weaponized situation.

The further you go with fish out of water... can be iffy. My character Ghost was very iffy to Psycko because he seemed out of water as well. He wasn't really on board with Ghost until I went with the horse mode and some more changes. I even completely rethought Creeper's weapons list for that very reason... I took out complex chemicals and special chambered things that I almost submitted. I read it over beforehand and made the canisters more simple and using materials that someone could mine or collect from ground and animals.

Author:  Psycko [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

You guys have some pretty interesting back-and-forth going here; I like it because it's doing the reviewing for me! First let me say in general, that my reasons for being down on EMPs and advanced weapons are A, that I like low-tech stuff to maintain the feel of the board, and B, I've been trying to avoid quick-fix combat solutions. But, sure enough, a bit of higher-tech has crept in- hovertrains and whatnot- and now it's sort of a case-by-case basis. The human character has rigged up an EMP, but that's just a plot device, there for you guys to take care of. In Endoscan's case, the EMP gun seems unnecessary, but there's lot of ways you can alter it to achieve the same effect while having a low-tech feel. How about a chaff gun? Magnetic pieces of tin-foil shot out of a leaf-blower like device that play hell with a bot's operating systems. Endo makes sure to stand way the hell back when he uses it, lest he get messed up by it as well.

Endoscan's medical implements aren't likely to set off any powerplayer alarms, I think. 'Oh no, that guy has a sterile bag of technological things to heal people with, on occasion! Medic needs nerf now!" I've probably given a not entirely accurate impression of Dustball- there are sandstorms from time to time, and dust gets into everything, but the chief enemy of high-tech gear here is corrosion and lack of repair materials- both elements of time. So Endo could probably get away with some fancy homeworld gear for his medkit, but it's not gonna last very long. I think it would be interesting to see him eventually have to resort to cruder methods of triage as his gear breaks down or needs replacement parts. I'll be interested to see how his full history goes once you've got it up- but for now, I'd say there's enough to start posting for him in Undertown, if you like.

It might actually be an attribute of the criminal side, that they tend to be a little better armed and equipped than our heroes. Errant has the money to bankroll regular repairs and fancier gear, tho nobody's going to be slinging around massive laser cannons and mind discombobulators anytime soon, probably. Sunset and her gunslingers, by comparison, are living bounty to bounty and can only fix themselves and their weaponry on a sporadic basis.

But let's talk about Creeper! I have to congratulate you, Zev, this is a really good app. His personality is lengthy and has some interesting character flaws, and puts him to mind well. His history is solid and plausible, and I like how it references past AUG canon events- I enjoy our cast of mostly-original characters, but it's cool to see, every so often, how a pre-existing guy from CA3 or elsewhere will wind up here. He's got an interesting arsenal of MacGyver'd weaponry- you don't need to keep repeating that all his bombs are made from desert source materials, saying it once will do. And is there any way you could scale down the width of the beast mode picture a bit so it doesn't make people reading have to horizontally scroll to read the text? Also, you don't have much info on this lab of Creeper's that you've referenced; is it a place he owns or just somewhere he works? A blurb of text on that'd be appreciated. Anyway, Creeper is totally approved. Put him on the list and have him show up in Undertown.

Author:  Zevais [ Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I have fixed some typos (if you see some still...let me know), reduced the size of the picture with an added link to the larger picture, and I added the laboratory at the bottom. I am going to put Creeper over in approved; I can always edit the lab later in approved if you want me to.

Author:  Psycko [ Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Looks good, Zev, thanks.

Author:  Tarantulas [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

In a bet, there is a fool and a thief.

General Info
Name: Sharkpool
Aliases: Cardsharp, Sharky, The Little Fish
Faction: Predacon
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft
Theme: Iron Maiden – The Angel and the Gambler

Legal Status: Criminal. Sharkpool is a travelling gambler with a mountain of bad debts and angry spouses in his wake. He is frequently questioned by moral authorities with regard to his so-called underworld connections, which, it seems, range from homeworld to the ragged edge of the galaxy.

Statistics (55)
Strength: 5
Toughness: 5
Speed: 9 (fastest while in water)
Brawling: 8
Aim: 5
Firepower: 8
Intelligence: 10
Courage: 5

Robot Mode: In a word? Glitzy. Sharkpool sparkles. He catches the light like a tropical sunset, and it looks like it cost him plenty to do it. His sleek outer shell is a lot of it ceramic, blue and glossy with a rippling sand-textured undertone, striped with bands of deep, dark violet sharkskin carried over from his beast mode. What little real armour Sharkpool possesses is fairly thin, all sweeping angles and flared corners, tightly overlapping plates around his arms and shoulders that fit him as neatly as a tailored suit... On which note, Sharkpool also has several neckties, bowties and cummerbunds built directly into his chassis, complete with their own self-laundering compartments. Hermetically sealed-- guards against dust.

A blue necktie with a sewn pattern of lightning bolts is usually Sharkpool’s only concession to the increasing (and somewhat ridiculous) fashion for Transformers in clothes. Sharkpool suspects that the trend has its roots in the outer colonies, where cosmetic shell-modification is seldom practiced, and prohibitively expensive.

Sharkpool retains his long tail in robot mode. He keeps it carefully neutral while interacting with others. He allows it to wag slightly, generally when he’s feeling particularly pleased with himself.

Sharkpool’s narrow face, in spite of some more hatchet-like qualities, is pleasant in a cold-fish sort of way. He has a slight blunt snout, with thin lips that are a slightly reflective shade of malleable steel. He also has a charming sort of smile, carnivorous in appearance though it may be. His needle-sharp canines are a touch overlong, but you hardly notice the second or third row of teeth. His dark blue, almost black optics are round, glassy and slightly translucent, and they sometimes, though not always, appear to glow from within.

He actually has ten fingers (eight and two thumbs) on each hand, but the way they move, with the fluidity of each and every gesture Sharkpool makes, folks tend not to notice. Each hand was custom-made, the job commissioned through a body tailor back on homeworld. It makes for an advantage at cards, Sharkpool can tell you.

Beast Mode: Thresher Shark. One of a species of small, slender Terran sharks characterized by their exceptionally long upper tailfins, Sharkpool’s sleek, metallic skin is mostly purple with a beige underbelly. He has small but prominent black eyes. Sharkpool is eight feet long, but nearly half of that is made up by his scythe-like tailfin.
In the wild, the thresher’s tail is used as a bludgeon, to stun its prey-- normally schools of small fish in the open ocean. Sharkpool uses his tail in much the same way, in or out of beast mode.

Armament and Equipment
* Claws-
Sharkpool has retractable claws in both hands, short but sharp enough to puncture medium armour.

* Subspace "Sleeves"-
Invisible subspace pockets, connected to concealed compartments in his forearms. Sharkpool’s sleeves allow the shark to surreptitiously make small items disappear, and quickly, with a mere wave of his hands... There is no apparent limit to the capacity of the Sleeves, but they only items smaller than a grapefruit can fit through the mini-portal unless specifically keyed for storage. Objects can be emptied from the sleeves in the reverse order of how they were placed inside.

The buffers are just as vulnerable to the lack in preventative maintenance on Dustball as anything else, so they jam up from time to time. The bigger problem is that the energy cost of the sleeves makes them expensive to run for long-- exorbitantly so on Dustball, where subspace is little used and consequently spatial barriers (“dimension tension”) are more intact, making them more energy-intensive to pierce. Thanks to the massive drain on power, if you hold one of the pockets open for long enough, he'll fall straight into stasis lock-- closing the portals instantly, and cutting.

* Special Ability: Sharkbait and Switch Reversal-
Imagine: Sharkpool’s beast mode head appears in midair, emerging partially from subspace to take a bite out of his opponents. Though the range on this ability is only a three-foot max, the surprise factor is not to be discounted. Sharkpool’s bite can power through light and medium-light armour, but has a tough time doing more than crumpling heavy armour. Materials any stronger than that are a lost cause. In addition, Sharkpool sees out of the shark’s eyes, making it valuable as a scouting technique. As a downside, Sharkpool’s beast mode head can be attacked or damaged as if he was standing right there. Grabbing it and putting it into a headlock will leave Sharkpool unable to close the subspace portal, which can be used to deplete his power reserves quite quickly.

* Cyberpets: Mechapiranhas, Robocrabs, Octobots, Technosquid-
Sharkpool’s not much for fighting-- he prefers to leave that kind of thing to the lunkheads of little mind. In fact, he’s built himself a whole stockpile of disposable animal friends to serve the purpose. Though their weaponry is as various and unpredictable as the bot himself, all their laser blasts and cybervenom are mild enough that they pose little threat. Even so, while admittedly not much more than a distraction, having a mechanized piranha attach itself to your nose in a fight is no picnic, and that will generally only be one trouble among many. Sharkpool likes to snake his opponent’s guns while they deal with the stainless steel seasnakes and drill-tipped periwinkles trying to bore through their armour.

* Number Cruncher-
Sharkpool’s neural net can calculate even complex equations mentally in a matter of seconds. Simpler sums and smaller equations can be solved in an instant, and Sharkpool has a special gift for telling the odds. By tabulating hundreds of minute seemingly random variables, Sharkpool can determine his chances of success at any given endeavour, giving him the luxury of knowing when best to play, strike, and walk (or run) away.

* Tools of the Trade-
Sharkpool usually keeps a cutting torch, multitool (functioning as a screwdriver/hammer/wrench/pliers/wire cutters/corkscrew/nail file/etc), skeleton key and electronic lockpick somewhere in his forearm compartments.

Electronic Warfare, Hacking, Countermeasures
Melee Combat: Claw Fighting, Natural Weapon (Tail)
Science: Mathematics
Sleight of Hand
Technical: Robotics, Security, Weapons

Happy-go-lucky and devil-may-care, Sharkpool is a criminal renaissance man with a flashy streak. He loves to be in the limelight, the spotlight, the searchlight, whatever, and consequences are of little (or no) consequence to him. He likes material wealth and luxury, but values his life of excitement more, and can’t stand staying still for very long. He often claims a great loyalty to those he calls friends, and often says that he would willingly die for them. But he expects those friends to share the sentiment, and, as a general rule? They’re the ones that have to prove it.

Sharkpool is a heartless romantic, a rake and homewrecker, with a girl in ever port on as many worlds as he’s set fin on. He has a real way with the ladies-- femmes want him, bots want to be him, and other species wish he’d trade in that shark mode for something a little closer to home (preferably theirs).

Sharkpool is also (as he himself describes) a probability mechanic-- a mathematical savant, as well as a weapons designer and security engineer of great wit and savvy. If he’d only put his mind to some practical use, he could change the course of wars the galaxy over, or advance science and technology by great leaps. He doesn’t—instead, his gifts are used counting cards and conning his way into modest fortunes, soon frittered away. Ho-hum. [color=green[That being said, he does prefer good-old-fashioned tricks, like weighted dice or marked cards, to more advanced means of securing a win-- mindworms, camera drones, nanotech infiltration. Cheating like that is... well, cheating.[/color]

Sharkpool has a way of speaking in parentheticals, and a tendency to speak in digression upon digression, until the original content of the conversation all but evaporates.

Sharkpool wasn’t born to a life of fortune and glamour, but you’d be forgiven not knowing that to have heard him tell it.

The remote transit junction on the perpetually incomplete Epoch Railway where he came online wasn’t a go-nowhere dead end inhabited by drunks and drifters-- it was a hotspot, a best-kept secret for gambling’s Golden Age. Sharkpool cut decks and crossed dice with stars of the stellar circuit that have since seen their rise and fall, in prelude to Sharkpool’s arrival on that same illustrious stage.

Those stories about coming online in a railway station, learning from gambling's biggest names? Those are true, though they didn't happen quite as tidily as he tells them. As a maintenance coordinator, a noncombat bot in Predacon territory, Sharkpool had to innovate to find ways to survive. The idea of some luminous pantheon of noble gamblers playing at a Golden Age gambling table is rather exaggerated-- as he wishes it to be, rather than as it was. This was the underground-- booths in back-alley bars, bookmaking joints attached to bloodsport arenas, and the police about to raid you any minute. It's the kind of thing Sharkpool prefers to downplay-- he has some rather romantic notions that he clings to.

A legend in the offing from his first major tournament prize, a come-from-behind win at the Power-Cosmic Hotel-Antares earlier this decade, Sharkpool enjoys his small, specialized celebrity, but actually goes out of his way to avoid any holovised events, or anything that would announce him to the universe on any larger scale. The thrill of an adoring public is one thing, but it would likely cut into thrills had doing crime-- unacceptable, obviously.

The exact number of heists Sharkpool has sat in on is known to no one but himself, though there have been several in which Sharkpool has featured as a suspect. However, no arrests have ever been made, and no money has ever been recovered. Sharkpool suggests this attests to his personal prowess, and reputable contacts back him up-- but could it also indicate a scarcity of real experience on his part? The truth, perhaps, is somewhere in between.

The last-ever Gildtown Special and its 100,000 credit prize brought Sharkpool to Dustball-- cheating rubes out of their last chip and making time with the local femmes has kept him there. That frontier life holds much the same appeal as big city life for Sharkpool says all you really need to know about him: excitement, romance, and adventure, wherever (and with whomever) they may hide.

“You can earn it in a lifetime, or you can win it for the night.”

Known Crimes
Officially? None.

Current Reward For Capture
None-- though there are some angry husbands/gamblers out there who’d like to see his head on a pike. Personal matter.

EDIT: Minor additions made after an IM session with Psycko.

Author:  Zevais [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Wow, first Ribo and now Tarry with the whole fish out of water thing going on, pun intended. Tarry, man I really like Sharkpool. Sharks are great; I would have made one if Hydro Hazards didn't fall through. Maybe someone should create a Dustball version of a sandshark that actually swims through sand instead of water.

As much as I love the idea of a piranha with a laser on its forehead, your Cyberpets still seem a bit high tech. Creeper's Swarm has exposed gears and such that keep them operating, and they can't do much more than annoyance unless all of them are feverishly gnawing to weaken armor. I do like the Cyberpets though; it would be awesome to see Creeper's Swarm and Sharkpool's Cyberpets working together causing chaos among the heroes. They may be just as effective if they just have the abilities of their organic counterparts. It is just a thought.

I remember Psycko had a problem with subspace pockets, even tiny ones when I originally submitted Versa because of her small daggers. I am not sure if that is due to interference of the planet Dustball, maintenence, or just both. You do mention your own limitations, and it does fit the character. I think you could probably get away with a storage area built into his forearms that rotates, so you won't find any cards/dice/chips etc if one tried checking to see if he was cheating and still have the same effect with your character... just a thought; it would be more Metal Frontier-ish.

I think Psycko originally mentioned that electronic warfare and hacking were unnecessary skills for this story; however, he did say criminals will get more leeway with skills and weapons; we will see. It is hard to see them get more use then rigging slot machines and the rare credit distribution computers at bounty offices, and I don't really see where he would have picked up those skills in history or personality. I may be going blind again, so forgive me if I missed something.

Author:  Tarantulas [ Tue Sep 29, 2009 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I came in with Sharkpool knowing that he'd be pretty high-tech for the board-- he's meant to be an outsider, a tourist, and the criminals do have a level of disposable income that the good guys do not.

The sacrifice I wanted to make in terms of his weapons is that, while they're considerably higher-tech than most things on Dustball, they're also deliberately less effective than they could be. His cyberpets' weapons may be advanced, but they're too small to do much damage. His claws are sharp, but he's still a fairly weak combatant, lacking strength. His sharkbite tactic is extremely versatile, but it drains his stamina heavily and it can leave him vulnerable during a fight against more than one opponent-- it basically exposes a big mass of his circuitry in midair.

Sharkpool doesn't have any guns, but I still put the points into Firepower to justify his tricky style of fighting-- same as Mandate, who has no firearms and only one fairly weak ranged weapon, but then he has his cloaking ability, so he's at least a 5. If I were to approve his app myself, I'd probably ask for at least a 7 for his particular loadout.

I talked to Psycko online, and he says he's okay with it, but I wanted to speak to those choices all the same.

Author:  Zevais [ Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I starting to think Metal Frontier may benefit from a new rule that limits everyone to one pseudo-high tech character... a few fish out of water make things interesting, but we can't fill the whole place with out-of-place characters or they won't really be out of place anymore, lol. There are two in a row now, and some of our new and returning people may get the wrong idea about characters in Metal Frontier if they see examples of these guys first. I know I sure as heck would be if I had just come back after years away. If Psycko is completely on board with this more sophisticated types, I am sure he thought of a direction he can point these characters toward and how they could fit in. I just wonder how long until its not really Metal Frontier anymore.

I would also say that Sharkpool would probably have to settle for less over time when it comes to the cyberpets. Especially if he doesn't manage to get any funds (ex. not been to a casino recently, failed a mission, heroes won and he got caught,etc), I doubt he'd be able to afford to build many cyberpets nor give them all lasers and such. That is why I went with the more mechanical, easier to build construction of Creeper's swarm. Creeper can mass produce these at no cost because they aren't high-tech as long as he can make a trip to a graveyard or carries off a victim for parts. Also, I don't see a method of control for the Cyberpets... I wondering if they are mentally linked to him, radio linked like with Creeper's swarm, or just act on their own accord and just happen to know who to attack.

I also find it kind of odd how much you limit the subspace ability just so the character can have it; I know I have been stubborn in the past myself about things, but I usually gave in so my characters had weapons and abilities that fit in. I did not want to to wait for some strange, rare situation to arise for them to use the weapons and abilities. Do you have special plot plans for this stuff? You don't have to tell me what they are... I am just curious if there will be this huge story event that make me go, "oh... that is why the character HAD to have this!"

Author:  Tarantulas [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Zev, I think you're overthinking this a little. There's not really much damage to the board's overall intent-- as much as the colonies are cut off from Cybertronian high tech, that's not to say that high tech simply ceases to exist once it gets there. What Endoscan and Sharkpool represent are city-slicking easterners heading into the Old West where, it is likely, they will take a bit of a kicking. Shiny and new though they might start out, their tech will inevitably run into problems in a set of worlds where repairs are hard to come by. Everybody ends up having to make do with less in Metal Frontier, whatever their bells and whistles when they begin. I think that's the unique flavour of the board, which won't be lost, regardless of who shows up on our doorstep.

Sharkpool's cyberpets are controlled by rudimentary AI with basic friend-or-foe detection which can be altered on the fly, voice-activated by Sharkpool himself. When and how he'll run out will probably be determined by the needs of the story-- most things on the AUG are, after all, fall under the jurisdiction of the Rule of Cool.

Sharkpool's subspace isn't all *that* limited. I just made my point as to how subspace (in general) isn't all that powerful. Besides, having a character that relies on trickery to the point of having almost no real weaponry is cool. I can come up with any number of situations where the limitations are much more interesting than what would seem like the more powerful choice.

Author:  Zevais [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

I just got up early for work, hopefully I don't have too many typos.

I am not arguing that people won't be fresh off of the boat in the colonies. A side point before I continue: I think Guildtown isn't supposed to be very city like... just city-like compared to the rest of Dustball. Most probably aren't that cityslicker like. I could be wrong; that is just the impression I got.

I am not even saying that there isn't a place for Sharkpool. I think we should be aware of the impact that too many similar types COULD do the the story. I think we would lose flavor if we made exception after exception for everyone. I really think we should limit ourselves, myself included, to no more than one of these types.

As for the subspace thing... I think its just setting himself up to fail. That can be interesting too. The Joker has been the best part of Batman for how many years now despite trickery and failure... on the other hand, I don't want to see subspace pocket tech becoming widespread either. That would completely ruin story for others. In example, Versa carries her daggers because subspace tech is not worth the trouble. If she could just keep it functional by earning enough cash, it would make no sense for her to not have that tech. She could even reserve the tech for just before action if the whole time limit thing is an issue too. I think that is something everyone including me should keep in mind with any tech that anyone uses... will it infringe on others? If high-tech becomes useful at all in this story, wouldn't everyone with the means start to use it?

To continue upon setting himself up to fail... the tribulations of subspace tech on Dustball would be common knowledge from anyone that wasn't born there. So many transformers have always taken it for granted, and I think the limitations would have quickly become known; I think anyone with any tactical knowledge would know to use that against him to waste his reserve power. Would it be fair to you if Versa did that right away to quickly subdue him? I don't think it would be, and that is honestly what she would do going by her personality... well that, and proceed to carve her name into his hide in artistic form. Hopefully, he has enough trickery to distract her from doing that.

This isn't an assault on your character. I like the concept. Even though I think he could be pulled off without so much modern-ness, he is ultimately yours. You need to feel comfortable with him. I am just making my concerns about interacting with this character known now rather than later. It is always more of a problem to go back and edit posts because someone did not know how a character would act, behave, or fight. I am just making sure that I don't overstep any boundaries if I have to include these characters in my interactions and know their limits... and I like to see the story flow well.

Author:  Tarantulas [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unapproved Character List

Again, probably overthinking it.

You're arguing a lot of things I didn't even bring up. To be clear, I'm not offended on a personal level-- I just don't feel like I need the lecture, you know? You're nitpicking fine details, but this is stuff you'd tell the newbies. I've been on the AUG for a while, I get it. I'm not going to start abusing the system anytime soon, and if any of the problems you've mentioned do arise, with me or anyone else, we can burn that bridge when we come to it, yeah?

When I say Sharkpool is a city-slicker, it's not because he's from Gildtown, it's because he's from Cybertron. Gildtown is to Cybertron as Rotwood is to Gildtown-- it's a backwater, and a far throw from being anywhere near as civilized. I could have made Sharkpool as a low-tech character, but that's not the point. Subspace tech and a great many other gadgets are common on Cybertron but rare on Dustball. Sharkpool is someone who comes from a place where comparative luxuries such as this are taken for granted. If he started without those luxuries, I wouldn't be able to take them away from him little by little, which would be part of the character's arc.

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