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 Post subject: Re: Unapproved Character List
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:33 am 

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Ok, just about to go to work... gotta make this short and sweet.

I am not so much nitpicking the details as much as I would have liked to have read more details. A lot of you guys are very familiar with how eachother write and react. Pter, Drakgun, and I go way back, so I know how those two will use their characters to a certain degree. I don't seem to have that handle on you, Ribo or Psycko still at this point.

I probably could have gone over this stuff with you in instant message on a case by case basis when I want to interact with your characters... I am just not on it like I use to be, and I don't think you are either.

I am more worried about MYSELF writing something that can be mistaken as over the line than you. Like I mentioned about Versa, your character has some unique limitations; I just don't get a handle of how Sharkpool would act in during a confrontation. We definitely have no shortage of confrontation in these stories. As I have asked questions, I've been getting a better idea of how he would. It's become clearer that his special tricks are more out of necessity, but because he's been here a shorter time he may still overdue himself when push comes to shove. I've learned he is more of a trickster, something that may help me put more writing into a confrontation between one of my characters and him. Still, I don't know much about his trickster nature, but I may learn that through reading. It is just harder to have a character that is not out of place and go and interact with someone that is out of place. I just want to be able to write something interesting in more depth without having to make a million edits and find a way to talk to you in instant message. I want the story to flow well; I'm sorry for seeming like I am nitpicking.

 Post subject: Re: Unapproved Character List
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:46 pm 
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Hi all, here's my chararcter for aproval. BTW I mention a bot called Caliber, it will be Black Heart of Tuesday's character when he gets a chance to post. Let me know what if anything need changed.

[General Info]
Name: Shackle
Aliases: Roper, Long Arm
Faction: Maximal
Gender: Male
Height: 13' 4”
Theme: “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse

Status: Lawman (UCCA Marshal)

Strength: 9
Speed: 5
Brawling: 8
Intelligence: 7
Firepower: 5
Aim: 4
Courage: 8
Toughness: 10

[Robot Mode]
A muscular poweful build but not all that bulky. He's attractive in a rough and tumble way. Patches of fur line the outer parts of his arms and legs. The bison's head splits to form the forarms, leaving the horns to point away from the hands. A winch is built in to his back and feed up to his left shoulder where the electric noose hangs. His metal chest sports the maximal symbol and the UCCA marshal's star. He has a plain but emotive face. ((Drawing coming soon.))

[Beast Mode]
A White and Beige American Bison. Stands 5'7” at the shoulders and is over 8' long. A powerful creature capable of take a lot of punishment.

Twin Barrel Break-Action Shotgun – Over Under Barrel alignment, armed with buck shot, but could chamber slugs, explosive or beanbag rounds when he has any of those. Plus it's made out of high impact composites to he grab the barrel and use it as a club with out fear of breaking it.
Electric Noose – Impractical to to use in combat, but a useful intimidation tool and when needed, an effective frontier execution device. Generally attached to his winch.

Heavy Winch
Binder Cuffs
Energy Canteen
Belt Bandoleer, holds 20 shotgun shells (12 buck, 6 Beanbag, 2 Explosive)

Expert: Grappling Hand to Hand Combat
Expert: Criminology
Psychology: General
Engineering: General
Medical: Basic First Aid
Firearms and Melee: Basic Police Training

His first duty and drive is to uphold the safety of civilization. Usually this take the form of upholding the law. But he also recognizes the need to bend and even break the law sometimes to serve the people. He's taken part in his share of executions not sanctioned by a judge.

He's a pretty easy going guy in social situations. Most find him approachable and likable. Though an edge of aloofness exists. Women find he comes on a bit too strong. His enemies find that years of criminology and psychology allow his threats to really get under the plating.

He likes most people, whether there Cactilli, Human, Maximal, or Predicon. His biases are more based around law breakers. He has a hard time trusting and being polite to former criminals. He drinks, but never too much. He has been seen inside a brothel or two. And he's gambled way a paycheck before. He has no family or friends to speak of, other than a few other lawmen. He's a workaholic who even when not on the clock is obsessively looking for crimes and crooks.

He hopes to help make the colonies a thriving civilization where the raiding and massacres are things of the past. He wants to see a system wide society, where the all peoples are on a equal footing.

I came to S-231 17 years ago seeking a law enforcement career and a exciting life. Spent the first two years an a sleepy train depot town on Westbrook, deputized to a salty old sheriff called Blast-Back. He taught me most of what I know about justice. I had a formal academy education on police work, but this is the colonies. But I didn't really understand that until a group of four bloodied and battered people staggered into town one sunrise. They came from the next town down the tracks, Tranquil Valley. After Blast-Back gathered the details he rounded up the three of us deputies and couple other able bodied bots and we rode out.

The slaughter was an appropriate name for the whole affair. Butchered bodies and stench of death is still jammed in my sensory buffer. By sunset that night we had taken out two of Disaster's gang and they had taken four of us, including Sheriff Blast-Back. The lost of good people and my hand in the killing fundamentally changed me.

I kicked around a few more towns working under other sheriffs. Three years ago I applied for a post and was asked to join the Marshals. They liked my work and heard my story. Said it would give me a chance find Disaster. I started moving around the system with my partner Caliber, performing my duty all the while keeping my ear to the wind for news of Disaster.

“Marshal Shackle of UCCA, what seems to be the problem.” - to a person reporting a crime

“I notice your glass is empty mind if I buy you a drink” - to a woman at a saloon

“For crime against the United Cybertronian Colonies Authority and the decency of all life, I hearby condemn you to hang by the neck until dead.” - to a murder with an electric noose around his head

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 Post subject: Re: Unapproved Character List
PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:09 am 

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Hey dude, welcome back to the AUG fold. I like your character- it's a simple app, and simplicity is sometimes welcome. We don't have many official lawmen characters, so Shackle will add a definite streak of (probably short-lived) legitimacy to our band of gunslingers.

I'll say flat-out- I LOVE the idea of a character with a portable electric noose. I mean, that is damn scary and damn cool. No one would want to fuck with that. He could kill you with it, he could just zap you with it, drag you around like Buford Tannen dragging Marty in Back to the Future 3- scary stuff. I also like the idea of him having a shotgun with multiple types of shells. Why not go with it? Beanbag shells are pretty low-tech, and he could have a small amount of explosive shells for special situations. Maybe add in some sort of a basic melee weapon- a big club or a hammer? Take your pick.

He's got a solid personality, and his history is really good. Just the fact that you wanted to read through that gigantic colonies guide and tie Shackle's history in to it is very cool, and I like the little touches, and that he is another character with a vendetta against Disaster. Overall, Shackle looks quite good and is APPROVED. Feel free to post him up on the Approved list and introduce him in Gildtown. He could be working there with the sheriff, or just hanging out looking for leads on Disaster. Maybe he'd be interested to know that Sunset and her gang are also looking for him?

 Post subject: Re: Unapproved Character List
PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:48 pm 
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Thanks, I'm glad I made a charcter that fit the game. I added that the shotgun is sturdily made so I can use it as a club, and changed my shell bandoler to have an assortment of shells. So I think everythings square. Probably get a post up to night.

 Post subject: Re: Unapproved Character List
PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:32 am 

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General Info
Name: Ignatious
Aliases: The Father
Faction: Maximal
Gender: Male
Height: 12'
Theme: None

Status: Freelancer

Strength: 7
Speed: 8
Intelligence: 7
Firepower: 6
Aim: 8
Courage: 10
Toughness: 8
Luck: 2

Robot Mode: Ignatious is an impressive looking character, wide shouldered, tall and stocky. His robot body follows an earthy colour scheme with golden highlights. His robotic joints and features are mostly metallic or black in colour. Ignatious' optics are a brilliant red and his face is almost always molded in a permanent serious expression, best described as a fanged grimace. His hands are especially large, looking almost like tiger paws. When walking around in public, he is almost exclusively draped in the uniform of his order. A dark navy overcoat

Beast/Vehicle Mode: Ignatious transforms into a glorious Stag. Stalwart and golden, he is capable of cantering at great speeds across flat ground and traversing the most rugged terrain with a steady footing. His antlers of justice are powerful and sharp like jaded glass. Ignatious' dark navy overcoat forms a regal looking barding in this form.


Cybertronian Enforcer - A luxury weapon in the colonies this rifle can blow a hole through most of the naturally occuring substances on dustball. Having come from the core worlds he has brought with him a limited amount of energon to power this weapon (and his other devices). The rifle has a range of 10 miles but is only accurate for about 1. It is also hefty enough to be used as a melee weapon.

Cybertronian energon blade - Another luxury weapon on the colonies, somewhat resembling a lightsaber this weapon can slash through most of the naturally occuring substances on dustball and cause grevious injuries to transformers. Having come from the core worlds he has brought with him a limited amount of energon to power the blade (and his other devices). The colour of the energy blade is light blue.

Armour of Primus - His dark navy overcoat is in fact a hi-tech fabric which acts a lot like a flak jacket. Low-tech projectile weapons are unlikely to pierce this armour however the impact still causes blunt impact damage against the wearer.

Codex of Primus - A holy artifact on which is writ the will of Primus and the code of the order.

Viewfinder - Has a variety of visualisation modes to aid in intel gathering and combat

Unique Traits

Tracking - A skill Ignatious has learned through the years of hunting down and saving those who have fallen into the way of the chaos god. He is able to distinguish and follow trails of cybertronians.

Firearms - Ignatious is exceptionally skilled at using cybertronian firearms. He's fired a few of the rustic things the colonists use but he'd be damned if he was anywhere near a good shot with them.

Ignatious is a zealot of Primus. He claims to belong to the order of Primus, a discrete sect of a cybertronian religion few have heard of. His mission in life is to serve Primus using the gifts bestowed upon him by his creator. As such, Ignatious has taken it upon himself to protect Primus' chidren and purify the sparks who have been polluted by the chaos-bringer Unicron. As such Ignatious has gone on a Primus-sanctioned, but mostly personal, crusade to hunt down all manners of criminals, cultists and other deviants. Towards those he considers good folk he is a friendly, helpful and reasonable bot. But to those he views as tainted, he becomes a determined and merciless mass murderer. If ever he had a most reviled enemy it would be bounty hunters, whom he views as the most misguided and selfish of individuals who extinguish the sparks of Primus' children for personal profit.

Ignatious is a little bit discriminatory toward colony folk. Preferring things that are genuinely Cybertronian. He believes that the only way to save a lost spark is to purify it with pure energon. Thus when he will typically attempt to use an energon weapon when going for the kill. However if he is out of energon he will not hesistate to extinguish a spark completely lest it descend completely into the grasp of the evil Unicron.

Despite being a mad zealot on a rampage, Ignatious is surprisingly open minded for one so devoted to a religious order. Although he is a little aloof around the colonists he is genuinely interested in the philosophy and lifestyle of alien species as well as cybertronians who live far from Primus in these far flung parts. He is a genuine samaritan who takes pleasure is performing good deeds for those in need, be they cybertronian or alien.

Little is known about Ignatious' early history. It is presumed that he joined the order at a young age. Due to his strength and anger the order trained him in the arts of combat in order to enforce the tenets of Primus. Somewhere along the line he developed an intense hate for bounty hunters. Some speculate that his parents were murdered by them. Others suppose that he may have been doublecrossed by them at the start of his career. Others suggest that he hates them simply because they keep trying to kill him. Nonetheless Ignatious has been very comprehensive and unilateral with his brand of justice, purifying all sparks he deems tainted by the evil of the chaos bringer. He has travelled to numerous colony worlds in his career, drifting almost haphazardly from planet to planet in search of lost sparks. That was until a couple of stellar cycles ago when his craft was shot down by a bounty hunter hired by a Westbrook native prince to take down the bot who murdered his mother.

"Till ALL are one"

Known Crimes
None of Ignatious' "purifications" are sanctioned by the UCCA or the government on Cybertron. As such, Ignatious is guilty of (and presumably wanted for) multiple serial homicides.

Current Reward For Capture: Ignatious does not gain widespread attention for his crimes. The largest single bounty is about 25 thousand credits. His cumulative bounty across the galaxy could be anywhere in the order of 500 thousand.

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