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[Jungle is walking down a hallway of the hospital alongside a post operation Temperance, who is being rolled down the hallway by a nurse.]

NURSE: “Nice work, Dr. Jungle. What happened to your neck?”

[Jungle checks his neck to discover it is once again bleeding.]

Jungle [To himself]: “Damn it.”

[Jungle enters Temperance's hospital room (218) wiping his neck.]

Jungle: “OK, he's stable. I'm gonna hop in the shower and see if I can catch up with David before the concert's over. Just give me a call if you need me.”

NURSE: “Dr. Jungle? He's waking up. I watched the anesthesiologist...he got the full dosage.”

Jungle: “OK. I'll take it from here. Mr. Temperance. Can you hear me? Temperance, are you awake?”

[Temperance opens eyes slowly looking at Jungle.]

[Jungle smiles.]

Jungle: “You just had major surgery so I need you to try not to move and just relax, OK?”

Temperance: “It worked.”

Jungle: “ went well...but we won’t know how you responded to the surgery...”

Temperance: “No, Dr. Jungle, it worked. I can feel my legs.”

Jungle: “T, it's highly unlikely that you would regain sensation that quickly so let’s just take it slo...”

[Jungle looks at Temperance's feet moving under the sheet.]

Temperance: [looking at feet] “Oh.”

[Jungle moves to the foot of the bed and uncovers Temperance's foot. Foot wiggles. Temperance has Axalon RPG memory flashes.]

Temperance: “Oh. Did you see that?”

Jungle: “See what?”

[Temperance smiles at Jungle.]

Temperance: “You don't remember?”

[Jungle momentarily has a flash of the Axalon but shakes his head as to clear it.]

Jungle: “Um... Mr. Temperance [shaking head, covers Temperance's feet] Please just, ah, just relax. What we need to do...”

Temperance: “What we need to do is go...”

Jungle: “No, no, no...hey. T...”

Temperance: “Will you come with me?”

Jungle: “We're not going anywhere. You just had extensive spinal surgery and I...I need to see my son.”

Temperance: “You don't have a son.”

Jungle: [walking to the door looking back] “What?”

Temperance: “You don't have a son, cat.”

NURSE: [entering] “Doctor?”

Jungle: “Jeane, um, would you give Mr. Temperance something to help him rest? I need to go.”

Temperance: “Jungle...I hope that somebody does for you what you just did for me.”

[Looks are exchanged between smiling Temperance and confused Jungle. Jungle exits the room]


[Jungle arrives at the concert to find that it is already over. He starts to call someone on his cell phone when Icerunner approaches him.]

Icerunner: “It's over.”

Jungle: “Excuse me?”

Icerunner: “The concert. It's over. You lookin' for someone?”

Jungle: “Yeah, my son. I was supposed to bring him here tonight, and then... I couldn't come, and...”

[Ice smiles at him. Jungle laughs.]

Jungle: “I'm sorry, where do I remember you from??

Icerunner: “I stole your pen.”

Jungle: “What?”

Icerunner: “Uh... Oceanic 815, from Cybertron? I bumped into you coming out of the bathroom, and I stole your pen.”

Jungle: “And that's how I know you?”

Icerunner: “No... that's not how you know me.”

[Ice walks closer to Jungle and puts her hands on his face. Jungle sees flashes of Ice on the Axalon.]

Icerunner: “I missed you so much.”

[Jungle sees flashes of their first kiss on the Axalon. He backs away from her, confused.]

Icerunner: “Are you okay?”

Jungle: “What is happening to me? Wh--who are you? I don't—“

Icerunner: “I know, you don't understand JJ. But if you come with me... you will.”


[Outside the church, Temperance pulls up in a taxi. The driver gets out and assists him into his wheelchair. Temperance gives him some money.]

Temperance: “Thank you.”

[He wheels himself to the church, where he stops next to OpMaximus, who is sat on a bench.]

Temperance: “Hello Optimus.”

OpMaximus: “Hello Temperance.”

Temperance: “Is everyone already inside?”

OpMaximus: “I believe most of them are, yes.”

[Temperance smiles and starts to leave.]

OpMaximus: “I'm very sorry for what I did to you Temperance. I was selfish, jealous. I wanted everything you had.”

Temperance: ”What did I have?”

OpMaximus: “You were special, Temperance... and I wasn't.”

Temperance: “Well if it helps, OpMax, I forgive you.”

OpMaximus: “Thank you, Temperance...that does help. It matters more than I can say.”

Temperance: “What are you gonna do now?”

OpMaximus: “I have some things I still need to work out. I think I'll stay here a while.”

[Temperance goes to leave again.]

OpMaximus: “You know, I don't think you need to be in that chair anymore.”

[Temperance stops and slowly gets out of his chair, pushing it behind him as he stands.]

Temperance: Goodbye, OpMax.”

[OpMaximus nods. Temperance walks up the steps and enters the church.]


[OpMaximus is still sat outside the church. Riboflavin comes outside and sees him.]

Riboflavin: “Oh, hey dude.”

OpMaximus: “Hello, Ribs!”

Riboflavin: “We're all inside.”

OpMaximus: “I don't think I'm coming in.”

Riboflavin: “You know, you were a real good number 2.”

OpMaximus:” And you were a great number 1, Ribs.”

Riboflavin: “Thanks, dude. I'll see ya.”

[Riboflavin goes back into the church. Jungle and Ice arrive by car.]

Icerunner: “Do you know where we are?”

Jungle: “This is where I was gonna have my friend’s funeral. He died, on Cybertron.”

Icerunner: “I'm sorry.”

Jungle: “Why did you bring me here?”

Icerunner: “Because this is where you're gonna have your friend's funeral. You can go in around back.”

Jungle: “Wait, where you going?”

Icerunner: “Inside. I'll be waiting for you there, once you're ready.”

Jungle: “Ready for what?”

Icerunner: “To leave.”

[Ice leaves the car and heads for the church.]


[Jungle makes his way into the back door of the church. He finds himself inside a small chapel with various religious artifacts, and a stained glass window with six symbols of different faiths - Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism. His friend's coffin is also there.

Jungle approaches the coffin and circles it before putting his hand on it. As soon as he touches it, he sees a flash of himself waking up on the Axalon for the first time. He places his other hand on the coffin, this time seeing more flashes of his time on the Axalon. As the flashes stop, he backs away from the coffin dazed and confused. Then he opens the coffin to discover it is empty.]

VOICE: “Hey, brighteyes.”

[Jungle turns around to see Pyre standing behind him.]

Jungle: “Pyre?”

Pyre: “Hello, Jungle.”

Jungle: “I don't died.”

Pyre: “Yeah. Yes I did...”

Jungle: “Then how are you here right now?”

Pyre: “How are you here?”

Jungle: “I died too...”

[Jungle begins to cry as he remembers.]

Pyre: “It's's okay. It’s okay old friend.”

Jungle: “You...are you real?”

Pyre: “I should hope so. Yeah, I'm real. You're real, everything that's ever happened to you is real. All those people in the church...they're real too.”

Jungle: “They're all...they're all dead?”

Pyre: “Everyone dies sometime, brighteyes. Some of them before you, some...long after you.”

Jungle: “But why are they all here now?”

Pyre: “Well there is no "now" here.”

Jungle: “Where are we, Pyre?”

Pyre: “This is the place that you...that you all made together, so that you could find one another. The most...important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people on the Axalon. That's why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone Jungle. You needed all of them, and they needed you.”

Jungle: “For what?”

Pyre: “To remember...and to...let go.”

Jungle: “Ice...she said we were leaving.”

Pyre: “Not leaving, no. Moving on.”

Jungle: “Where we going?”

Pyre [smiling]: “Let's go find out.”

[Jungle nods and they enter the church. Everyone else is already here, greeting each other. Jungle is greeted by Temperance.]

Temperance: “We've been waiting for you.”

[Jungle greets Catfish and Techno, shaking Catfish's hand. He hugs Squirrely. He hugs Riboflavin. Killsandra, Unicron, Deep Metal, Super Galvatron, Skycat, Lint, jDrake, Pulse, Speedwreck, Jazz, Lonewolf, Chi Psi Upsilon, Zevais, Ironhide, Penthesilea, Khanny, Pterascream and Blazer all gather around. Jungle greets Psycho before noticing Ice, and she holds his hand as they sit down in the pews.

Everyone else sits down. Pyre puts his hand on Jungle's shoulder as he passes by. Pyre walks down the aisle and opens the doors, leaving and letting a bright white light fill the room. Everyone gazes at their surroundings, Jungle and Ice share a glance.

Jungle is swallowed by the white light. The end.]

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